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    Re: ready to give up on breastfeeding

    Skin to skin time (with him only in his diaper against your bare chest) before and after he feeds can make a huge difference. Its very calming for him and for you, so you will both handle the...
  2. Re: Swallow Study for healthy 1 mo. old?

    Its definitely more of a swallowing issue (swallowing a lot of air, and also the coughing) than milk transfer. He is gaining great, although I think that has more to do with my oversupply than an...
  3. Re: Swallow Study for healthy 1 mo. old?

    I have decided to go ahead with the study, because I don't feel that the information from it will hurt anything. I do not think I would go with any recommendation to stop breastfeeding though, unless...
  4. Swallow Study for healthy 1 mo. old?

    My DS is 4 weeks old and EBF. Since birth he has OCCASIONALLY coughed during feedings (maybe once or twice a day), but has always sounded a little raspy afterwards. I have OALD and a little bit of...
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    Breast changes for bf mom

    Hi all, few quick questions for all of you bf mommy's... i'm wondering if anyone has had any experience similar to mine. For awhile now I have had what i suppose to be a clogged duct on my right...
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    A few ?s about BLS

    I am new to the llli forums and this is my first post. I am first time mommy to a 6mo little boy :cool: and we have bf since hour one :lol Long story short we have experienced every problem...
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