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    Re: help! I'm in pain

    the pain i experience isn't a burning sensation. it's hard to describe, unlike the pains i experienced with the other issues, it's more like an acute pain right on the nipple head.

    i tried to...
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    help! I'm in pain


    I am a new mom with a 3 month old baby boy. We've been struggling with breastfeeding issues since birth (cracked, bleeding nipple; latch, position issues; thrush; plugged ducts; poor suction,...
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    frequent loose stools??

    Hi! My 12wk old DS all of a sudden started pooping with each nursing session and frequently will squirt some poop throughout the day as well. the stool is either green or yellowy, no blood. he was...
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    Poor suction/seal issues


    My DS is 11 weeks old and I'm still trying to figure this breastfeeding thing out...I have noticed that he comes on and off the breast often during his feedings. He seems to have difficulty...
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    Re: Im debating this and need some MAJOR help!

    I agree with LaurasMom, get the latch checked, but make sure it is not thrush. It's difficult to diagnose sometimes because there may be no symptoms on the baby and symptoms on moms can vary. I...
  6. Re: Lip/tongue sucking, clicking, nipple jerking.... sorry long post!

    I guess that could be it. I was hoping that my baby wouldn't be a noisy eater, but I can deal with that if that's all it is.
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    Re: green stools - is this ok?

    It might be an imbalance of the fore/hindmilk. My DS had green stools one day when he was about 3 weeks old and I just kept feeding him from the same breast for a few feedings in a 3-4 hour block...
  8. Re: Lip/tongue sucking, clicking, nipple jerking.... sorry long post!

    Thanks for the support and help! I think he may not be getting enough of the boob, even though I always shove it in his mouth and try to get as much of it as i can in there.

    Any ideas on how to...
  9. Re: Lip/tongue sucking, clicking, nipple jerking.... sorry long post!

    I attended a LLL meeting recently and the leader there said the latch was good and she didn't think he is TT.
  10. Lip/tongue sucking, clicking, nipple jerking.... sorry long post!

    Help! I'm a first time mom with an 8 week old that has weird sucking issues (weird to me at least). We've had several breastfeeding challenges since birth even though he gains weight really well (~2...
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