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    Re: My Pump Is Hissing...Ideas?

    I would check all of the connections. Make sure your faceplate is on tight, check to make sure all of your hoses are tight and then make sure that your membranes are in right and that the valve...
  2. Re: Anyone thinking about or has delayed introducing solids longer than 6 months to

    My Ambien is kicking in, so I hope that I make sense. With Charlotte, my doctor pressured us to try her on solids at 4 months. We tried a few weeks before and it was an utter disaster. Lots of...
  3. Re: NICU baby fussy 3/4 way done with tube feeding/breast and bottle.

    No suggestions, unfortunately. My boys were born premature and the only issues like that that I had were due to the nurses being difficult about how much time was allowed for feedings. They...
  4. Help for a friend nursing a 2 yr old

    Help, ladies!

    I don't have a lot of time to research the boards, but I have a friend who is nursing a 2 yr old. She has been going through some health issues of her own (not sure what they are,...
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    Re: How hard do you work at pumping?

    I EP'd for 14.5 months for my twin boys. (Well, they did nurse for a while before their reflux got too bad -- but I still pumped after nursing sessions . . .) For me, I didn't see it all as...
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    Re: EP beyond 12 months?

    I EP'd for about 14.5 months for my twin boys. The only reason that I stopped was because between them and my 3 year old, I needd to be a little more hands-on for them and being attached to the...
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    Re: To Warm or Not To Warm?

    My boys didn't care. I typically warmed it up enough just to take the chill off of it, but there were times when we were out and about and I didn't have the ability to warm it up. :shrug
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    Re: Burning myself out w/ pumping

    I was an EP mom for 14.5 months. The fact that you're here is a great start. The ladies here always have excellent advice.
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    Re: Pumping Chit Chat....

    Mr Pump and I just recently got a divorce. I thought I was going to miss him, because he was such a major factor of my life, but I honestly don't. I still have a freezer full of milk that I'm...
  10. Re: Just got back from hospital...:( LONG Story.

    I thought I was nuts wshen I pumped 80+ in a day! Phew!
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    Re: Breastfeeding Products Help

    I love love love loved my arms reach co sleeper. I used it with all my kids. There was no room in our bed, but that sucker was awesome.
  12. Re: Clobetasol ointment for nipple pain/swelling?

    Yikes, Christine!
  13. Re: Exclusive Breastpumping / Oversupply

    Susan - thanks for clarifying milkfat vs lipase. My brain wasn't working. And I definitely am glad to have had an oversupply and am and EP mom. I have 2 months' worth of milk stored in my...
  14. Re: Exclusive Breastpumping / Oversupply

    All breastmilk separates when refrigerated. At least, mine always does. It varies in amount from pumping to pumping, too. Make sure to swirl the bottles to get it all incorporated and ypoure...
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    Re: Highlights and coloring hair

    I haven't heard anything to the contrary and my hairdresser BF both of her kids, so she would know better than me.
  16. Re: How to decide if you're storing too much?

    At 14 months, I have an entire deep freezer and part of my fridge freezer full. I'm overly cautios because at 2 months, my brand new fridge died and I lost a months worth of milk (2weeks for each...
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    Re: z-pack

    Yes yes yes. I'm on day 3 of it now and am also taking probiotics. This is my 4th sinus infection in the past year and a half. :(
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    Re: Dry patch on breast?

    I have an odd spot on my breasts, too. I've been using a little coconut oil and it seems to be getting better.
  19. Re: How to entertain 2 year old while nursing newborn?

    Yep yep yep. Spongebob (cringe) was my lifesaver for a while.
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    Re: Hands-on pumping

    Thanks for sharing! These sites are how I've made it this far!
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    Sticky: Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    Thanks for posting!
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    Re: 365 days of mama's milk!

    Way to go Christine! That's awesome! Happy Birthday to your LO!
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    Re: How much to put in freezer bags?

    I also have a ton of those little Snappi containers from the NICU that hold about 2 to 2.5 oz and I use them for my fridge stash and for short-term freezer storage. I know Medela and othe companies...
  24. Re: Daily use of Mother's Milk Tea and Motherlove More Milk

    I agree. You should be fine. You can always back off if your LO starts having issues.
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    Re: How much to put in freezer bags?

    For me, I started out with filling the bags with just enough for each feeding. But bags aren't cheap and I knew I was storing for the long haul, so I cooled the milk down and filled the bags to 6 oz.
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