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  1. Re: 11 week old increasing daily milk consumption?

    Thank you ladies! Before I went back to work, I was terrified of overfeeding, so I made sure DP knew how to bottle feed him per those guidelines. I leave 3oz bottles and she breaks after 1.5oz to...
  2. 11 week old increasing daily milk consumption?

    So, I am wondering if and when babies increase their milk intake. I am away from DS from 8am to 6:30 M-F, so 10.5 hrs a day. If I use the calculation of 1.5oz per hr away, he should be eating...
  3. Daycare Worries.... T.T Success Stories??

    So I start back to work on Wednesday and I am dreading DC. It's ALL I think about and the worries are driving me crazy! My first was with me 24/7 until she was 10 months. DS will be 6 weeks old...
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    Re: Is DS starving in the evenings??

    Thank you ladies! I must have been super lucky with my DD. I BF her exclusively for 10 months and she didn't do anything like this, so I was worried something was up. He had his normal fussy...
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    Is DS starving in the evenings??

    My DS is 5 weeks old and has been acting like he is starving to death in the evenings. This has been going on for about 2 weeks. I have been nursing him and pumping to build up my stash, as I go...
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