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  1. Re: How to continue breastfeeding exclusively for 8 weeks ol

    Both my babies had tongue ties. My second one (now two months) had a posterior tie. Both had lip ties as well. Their tongue ties were clipped (the first baby was clipped at 7 days because I saw a...
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    Re: Baby getting Constipated

    Giving juice and liquids helped with constipation. Juice has sorbitol which draws fluid into the bowel. I was paranoid about my LO drinking too much juice, because I felt he would drink less BM,...
  3. Re: pumping/supply & baby intake concerns

    Maybe try a different bottle? Is he getting frustrated with the bottle/nipple? I've tried those ventair bottles and they are incredibly hard to suck from. He is 4 months so he may be frustrated...
  4. Re: Very low supply, Exclusive pumper... NEED HELP!

    I know you are exclusively pumping as I have been mainly. I have noticed that if I can get my baby on the breast for even one minute, just the action of the baby's mouth seems to break up...
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    Re: Help ...pumping/ issues :(


    I also ended up giving a bottle in the evening before my LO would go to sleep because of low supply. I couldn't figure out why he would scream and eventually refuse the breast. I didn't know...
  6. Re: HELP - baby is refusing breast - 5 months today!

    Just recently, I found music that would calm him down during his fussy periods would calm him down with BFing, but my 6 month old was doing the same thing.
  7. Re: Please help....don't know what else to do!!!

    Could he possibly have a tongue tie? My LO had this problem and couldn't nurse effectively until it was clipped.
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    Re: Second let down & Double pumping

    Also, make sure you have the appropriately-sized breastshield (usually larger). I usually pump for a while (30-40 minutes). Sometimes, I take a break for ten minutes before trying for another let...
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    Re: Re-use leftover milk?

    I have a thought... I wonder if you could scald the leftover milk and re-use it? I'm sure you kill off bacteria that way.
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    Does Freezing Slow Lipase Activity?

    Does anyone have anyone with lipase issues have experience with how long milk tastes fresh in the freezer? I've been wondering if I freeze milk whether I can slow the lipase enzyme down in the...
  11. Re: Thinking about mixing juice with soapy BM

    I know that BM is a low residue food, but if my son doesn't go by day 8 or 9, he barely wants to eat, spits up, and sleeps terribly. He is still learning how to deal with having bowel movements, but...
  12. Thinking about mixing juice with soapy BM

    I had a freezer full of (likely) soapy BM -- I was wondering if anyone has tried mixing it with apple juice or prune juice? I have to give my LO (5 months) juice because he needs to poop (if he is...
  13. Re: How can I make my baby's mouth open WIDER

    I had the same experience. I would tell my baby to open wide and he would because I didn't let him stay latched on until he got it right.
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    Re: Can hold LO and pump at the same time

    He is 4 months old and I mainly pump. I try to BF when I can, but I have so little time to do both and I wanted to BF and pump at the same time, but never could figure out a way. He is constantly...
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    Re: Pumping-refusal to nurse


    You have to pump that many times a day to maintain your supply. If you are worried about breaking your pump, find out where is the closest place you can rent a Medela symphony and call them...
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    Can hold LO and pump at the same time


    I can't figure out how to do to things: (1) Pump and nurse at the same time and (2) pump and entertain my son (without holding him) at the same time. He only likes to send a few minutes...
  17. Re: How to Eliminate Pumping at 3 AM / Overnight

    I set the alarm because I can sleep through engorgement because I am that tired. I have woken up several times early in the morning and by that time am so engorged that I have developed plugged...
  18. Re: How to Eliminate Pumping at 3 AM / Overnight

    My LO is 3.5 months. About the 8 oz -- I just don't want to decrease my supply. During the day I will make 3 to 4 oz. total every 3 to 4 hours.
  19. How to Eliminate Pumping at 3 AM / Overnight

    Since my son STTN, I have engorgement problems and have several bouts of plugged ducts so I have been setting the alarm clock and getting up at 3 am every night to pump. I get 8 ounces total which...
  20. Trying to figure out how to defrost frozen BM

    I have frozen BM in Lansinoh bags and the 2.3 ounce Medela Storage bottles and I'd like to get them into bottles for the babysitter. I prefer to do all the thawing and measuring myself so I can...
  21. Re: Baby Refuses Playtex NaturalLatch Nipples

    Thank you for the support. I think pumping has been the hardest thing to do. Forget about sleep deprivation, pregnancy, and birth! There is nothing like sitting in the corner pumping while your...
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    Re: what size flange?

    I thought because I have relatively small breast that I would need a small flange (breastshield) -- WRONG. I wear at least a large. There is a picture of how a flange should fit on Medelas website....
  23. Re: Baby Refuses Playtex NaturalLatch Nipples

    Unfortunately I'm often gone from 7 am to 5 pm and I work a minimum of 5 days a week. Whenever I come hope, my son is too fussy to breastfeed. I was able to breastfeed him for maybe two minutes...
  24. Baby Refuses Playtex NaturalLatch Nipples

    I am trying to get my 3 month old to accept the Playtex NaturalLatch Nipples because he has boycotted breastfeeding, but he hates them and refuses to eat. Unfortunately, I did not know any better...
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    Re: Is this a nursing strike?

    I know he is efficient, but he acts like he is hungry after nursing. When I get him in position to offer the other breast, he just cries and cries in a frustrated way. He keeps pushing off when he...
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