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  1. Re: Help! In denial about work and breastfeeding

    Thank you.
    I know, I've been so lucky to spend most of the 1st year with her..
    I'll drop her off around 7.45am then pick her up at 5.45pm on my longest days.
  2. Re: Help! In denial about work and breastfeeding

    Thanks for replying. To be honest, I guess I'm just feeling really guilty about going back to work :cry I know it'll all work itself out, I just feel worried about the whole thing..
  3. Help! In denial about work and breastfeeding

    Ok, so i'm due to return to work in approx 6 weeks time. My baby will be nearly 11 months old. She is currently eating solids well- we are in the UK and doing baby led weaning so she has 3 solid...
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    Re: Painful bite

    Possibly, but since resting it today and just pumping (the affected area wasn't touching the pump sides) it seems to be improving (but still sore). I'm not planning to feed directly from this side...
  5. Re: Infant feeds every 3 hr only eats 5 minutes

    You don't need to switch sides after a set amount of time- what you need to be looking for is your breast to feel well drained. This might mean that you only switch sides on the next feed or if you...
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    Re: Painful bite

    Thanks- it was starting to get worse so I've decided to stop nursing on that side and express instead to give it a chance to heal.
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    Painful bite

    So LO bit me for the first time last tuesday and it was becoming more and more painful until yesterday i noticed a tiny cut with a yellow centre. it's very very small but super painful. As it's the...
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    Re: Nipple Soreness!!!

    firstly, good on you for persevering! :clap I know what you're going through as I suffered a lot of nipple pain in the first few months too (been bfing 6 months now) My daughter had a tongue...
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