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    6 mo old constantly coming off

    I have a 6 month old who I planned to breastfeed for the entire year. Now we are experiencing some problems that I am not sure how to address. It has always been difficult for us. I have had...
  2. Re: Possible foremilk issue--help appreciated!

    How do you know when your baby is done with one side? She gives me little clue. She never really just comes off happily.
  3. Re: Possible foremilk issue--help appreciated!

    I have read mixed things about the dairy issue. There is controversy as to whether what you eat makes any difference as to how it affects the baby. So that is confusing to me. I did eliminate...
  4. Possible foremilk issue--help appreciated!

    My breastfeeding woes and our current issue—it has been one thing after another.

    Breastfeeding went well for the first few weeks, except that she always seemed hungry, but I went ahead and fed her...
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