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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    Neither did I mention anything about causality. I just pointed out there are certain difficulties associated with co-sleeping. I never said one caused the other.
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    Re: how will supply be effected?

    How old is your baby? Is your baby eating solids normally if nursing 7-9 times a day?

    I didn't find my supply diminishing when I started dropping sessions. He had enough whenever he wanted....
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    Re: Date night

    I found it easier to just take baby with me. I hated pumping (which I had to do twice a day at work anyway) so anythign to avoid more pumping was the route I chose. When babies are young it's easy...
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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    I was in a similar situation as yourself. I didn't co-sleep my baby (he is 15 mos now) because I can't sleep normally with someone in my bed. And when I tried it at first, I kept having nightmares of...
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    Re: Refusing bottle during day

    Maybe you can give your milk in a cup with a straw? My baby often did that better than a bottle at that point.
  6. Re: Co-sleeping - late bedtime issues and frequent waking

    When does your baby appear to become tired in the evening? My baby sleeps much better if I put him to bed at 7:45-8 than during the days he went to bed at 8:30-9. It could be that it's because he...
  7. Re: Can I wash pump parts with cold water?

    You can't clean those parts with it. I sometimes push the wipe through with a pen but usually I just rinse that part.
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    Re: Night nursing a kid with teeth

    Yes hormones drive the nipples wonky. I always feel super sore when nursing during ovulation (not during periods, though).

    I find that if I make the effort to nurse my baby normally in the night...
  9. Re: 7 Month old only eats 4 times a day...wants to eat all n

    I completely agree with that. Babies that age (7 months) aren't hungry so often. True they may want comfort or something else, but you don't HAVE to accomodate every little need of comfort in the...
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    Re: lecithin GRANULES dose

    I took 1 Tablespoon of the granules daily. That's the dose listed on the package:

  11. Re: Can I wash pump parts with cold water?

    The baby never feels the cold from the water. It's fine. Wash with any water and soap. Or wash at the end of the day (and keep it refrigerated between pumping sessions). I didn't always use water,...
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    Re: Are you STILL breastfeeding?

    OP, I know you were ranting but I couldn't stop smiling and nodding while I read your post. You said everything I'm thinking, but with humor :)

    What? You're going back to work when you have your...
  13. Re: Recurring plugged duct with 14 month old

    Same here! I didn't think of it as a factor but now I'm going "duh". We always nurse in one position because my son had major latching issues in the beginning so when we finally worked it out in this...
  14. Re: Pain in one breast AFTER nursing

    Yes, I had similar situation with the pain and it turned out my baby had a tongue-tie which caused him to have a really shallow latch.
  15. Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase

    Sorry to hear you're going through that. Are you 100% sure he's not liking the bottle because of lipase? Have you tasted it?

    I found good results with freezing milk immediately after pumping and...
  16. Re: Help: Baby feeds ONLY lying down!

    Maybe try a position you've never used? Such as sitting cross-legged on the bed or floor or chair and then nursing him like cross-cradle style? I get you though because my baby only nurses in one...
  17. Re: # of nursing sessions when period returned

    My period returned when my boy was 12 months old. At that time I was nursing 4 times by day (with 1 pumping session too) and 2-3 by night. So total of like 6-7 in 24 hours. Now he is 14 months old...
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    Re: Flu shot for 12mo

    I'm also a firm believer in all vaccinations even though my son got pneumonia twice and he's only 14 months old.
  19. Re: 7 Month old only eats 4 times a day...wants to eat all n

    What's if you don't feed him as much for one night and see how he will eat the next day? Like instead of feeding 5 times a night, bring it down to 2. Maybe he'll eat better the next day if he's...
  20. Re: Recurring plugged duct with 14 month old

    I've had the same thing but mine were happening from when my baby was a few weeks old until he was about 8-9 months old (he is now also 14 months old). And in those days I was nursing many times per...
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    Re: evening out supply production

    Maybe see if one side of your pump is more effective? Reverse the parts - move right to left and vice versa. Or it could be that the side that's producing less might have a small plugged duct or...
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    Re: Mint effecting milk supply?

    I doubt it would have much of an effect on you unless you drank tons. You can try to drink a cup here and there and see if it makes a difference in your supply.

    Cabbage is known to reduce milk...
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    Re: Cereal Confusion

    I didn't use cereal early on either unless I had to get him to eat (on days he refused for whatever reason) so then I'd mix a bit of cereal (oatmeal) with breastmilk to make it stay on a spoon.
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    Re: Breast still full after pumping

    I had that. Then I realized I have to have more letdowns in order to clear most of it out. One letdown was all I got with a pump, but it wasn't enough. I manually stimulated to get another letdown or...
  25. Re: How long should I allow for weaning?

    If you cut down on nursing it doesn't have to mean you are weaning, just putting her onto more of a "schedule" (although it can totally be a relaxed schedule). Maybe something like morning, before...
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