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    Re: how much to leave for bottles?

    :ita Definitely limit bottle size and used paced feeding techniques mentioned above. You're exactly right, it is easier to get milk from the bottle. One strategy is to instruct the caregiver to give...
  2. Re: Feeling much better about things!

    That's great news! :)
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    Re: not responding to pump

    From what you say it does sound like a letdown problem - stress definitely inhibits letdown. I think your plan to distract yourself by reading or TV is right on target!

    In terms of flange size,...
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    Re: How do I get my period back?!

    I agree with isabelofmti, there's no way to know really whether cutting down on the pumping would bring it back or not. Sometimes moms keep pumping out of habit and/or out of concern that baby will...
  5. Re: 36 hr business trips and a night-nursing toddler.

    Good to hear! :)
  6. Re: I am at a loss - 6 month checkup

    Seriously? Supplementation for a percentile change from 15th percentile to 9th percentile? I agree with mommal, get a second opinion before adding in supplements. I think you are thinking about it...
  7. Re: Help! I need to rebuild my supply

    Hi mama, sorry to hear your little one has been sick. Your supply will come back. I'm not sure from your post but it doesn't sound like you normally pump? In which case I wouldn't go by pump output,...
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    Re: how does weaning work?

    Congrats on the new baby! Weaning can be mother-led, child-led, or some combination. My guess is that your son has upped his nursing in response to the big change in his life, ie the arrival of his...
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    Re: How do I get my period back?!

    How much are you pumping? Is your toddler still drinking the expressed milk? I'm thinking that maybe cutting down on the pumping (or cutting it out altogether) could help move things along without...
  10. Re: still nursing a lot, picky eater, 21 mos

    I agree. My oldest was no longer nursing at 21 months but was just as picky as your son. Conversely, my youngest WAS nursing at that age and was much less picky. Different kids have different degrees...
  11. Re: 36 hr business trips and a night-nursing toddler.

    I've been on a number of work trips through my kids' infancies and toddlerhood. Personally I would be very uncomfortable not removing milk for 36 hours, so I agree with maddieb, I think buying an...
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    Re: 12 mo old half weaning

    I think it's just as likely that your two kids are different people and therefore were ready for other people at somewhat different points.
  13. Re: Help! Milk supply dropping fast after going back to work

    Can you go to bed earlier in the evening? Let nonessential things slide? That helped me when I was at that stage.

    I also have a high-pressure job and I was not at the top of my game either during...
  14. Re: breastfeeding and my 6 month old

    Your baby sounds completely normal! Actually a lot of babies increase night nursing at 6 months because of teething. Baby still needs the same amount of milk at 6 months as at 1 month and still...
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    Re: Dads/Partners

    One of the mamas on here posted a link a while back to an interesting article about a Canadian mom breastfeeding her baby in Mongolia. It's really interesting and I think highlights a lot of the...
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    Re: Returning back to work

    The rule of thumb is that you need about 1-1.5 ounces of milk for baby per hour apart. So, if you're gone for 7 hours, you want maybe 12-15 oz in the fridge to cover the first day with a little to...
  17. Re: Feel like I am just nursing all day + fluid retention

    I agree with maddieb, it seems pretty weird to have so much edema 4 weeks postpartum. Definitely keep pushing for an answer if this initial workup doesn't show anything. Personally I would avoid...
  18. Re: Sudden Decrease in Milk Supply - 16 Weeks

    How much is baby nursing when you are at home together? Does he sleep a long stretch at night? If so, you might want to try "dream feeding" him (ie nursing while he's asleep) - the combination of...
  19. Re: How to store enough to travel without baby

    While you're building up your stash, keep it fresh by using some of the older frozen milk to feed baby while you're at work. For example, you can freeze at the end of the week, then take out the...
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    Re: 12 mo old half weaning

    Nothing wrong with comfort nursing! I think that's why a lot of toddlers will still go on nursing even when they're down to one or a few sessions a day and there's not much milk there. They just want...
  21. Re: 4 1/2 month old stopped taking a bottle

    It sounds like you are normally nursing on demand right now, is that right? If so, don't worry about #2. He will just add in an extra nursing session or two if he didn't get enough in the one where...
  22. Re: If sleepy baby (2 wk) is bfing 10+ x/day do i need to wa

    Here are those links:
    Diaper log: https://www.llli.org/docs/0000000000000001WAB/WAB_Tear_sheet_Toolkit/02_diaper_log.pdf
    Waking sleepy baby:...
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    Re: Possible Infection

    For mastitis, the usual recommendation is to nurse as much as possible. You get the infection either from baby's mouth or from skin flora, so you're not really passing the infection on, if that makes...
  24. Re: Pressure to wean/scale back at 12 mos bc of my weight

    Just around the time you are now, as babies headed into toddlerhood. I work and I pump weaned when they were around a year old.
  25. Re: Pressure to wean/scale back at 12 mos bc of my weight

    I've always been my thinnest as an adult when nursing - also in the 10-15 pounds under my usual weight range at the peak of nursing. And I also had people telling me I needed to stop nursing because...
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