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  1. Re: playing with other boob while nursing. frustrated!

    My first was a twiddler and I just had to keep the other side covered as a PP. My second wants to pick and play with a mole that is in the middle of my chest. :gg He has made it bleed and it is SO...
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    Re: cyclic colic ??

    Well, go figure that was what I was taking as well... maybe stop taking them for a week and see what happens. I saw a change very quickly in DS2. It's always worth a shot to take a natural (and...
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    Re: cyclic colic ??

    I only have a few minutes but wanted to throw out there that it could be your OALD is not actually resolved as it can cause reflux/colic like symptoms. I also found that when my DS2 was a newborn...
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    Re: Pink eye and breastfeeding?

    I wanted to add to lllmeg that it could be a blocked duct, but if that is the case do your research on it. My DS1 had blocked tear ducts in both eyes and we chose not to have them cleared with a...
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    Re: Pink eye and breastfeeding?

    hey there, I have never heard of pink eye spreading anywhere besides the eye, but have no facts to back that up. My little ones had pink eye last year and I treated it with breastmilk 3-4 times a...
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    Re: Having trouble building stash

    If you can keep your milk cold until you can get home, then you can freeze it Sunday. I have left milk in the fridge up to 5 days before freezing and have never had an issue. Also, don't stress out...
  7. Re: Working and pumping for 18 month old

    I agree bfwmomof3, I know that being able to nurse is a saving grace for me. I try to go over at lunch when I am able and nurse and she always says he is a changed baby when I leave. :) We will...
  8. Re: Working and pumping for 18 month old

    I usually pump and take her all of what I pump in a jar and she splits it a she needs it during the day. I think you may be right sonogirl about my pump output, I tried to pump 2 times a few weeks...
  9. Re: Working and pumping for 18 month old

    He won't drink it I'm afraid.. she has tried cows milk warm and cold as well as water.
  10. Working and pumping for 18 month old

    Hey all... I am in a new situation that I am not quite sure about. DS2 is 18 months old and is still taking a bottle while at my mom's (she babysits). He is down to probably 1 bottle a day but now...
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    Re: Playing with nipples

    If ti makes any of you ladies feel better.. it does stop :) My first twiddled as well and it drove me nuts from about 14 months on. He did stop after about a month or more of my constantly covering...
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    Re: Going back to work PLUS Sleep training

    Just to add on to PP... my second son drank as little milk as possible from a bottle while away from me and nursed evenings and nights to make up the difference. This was perfectly normal (sometimes...
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    Re: Feel rejected by by son

    Hey momma, I do not have direct advice, but wanted to offer encouragement. Drinking from a bottle is much easier than nursing, and your LO has most likely just decided that the bottle is easier. ...
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    Re: I am going insane -- is my LC crazy?

    I want to chime and and point out that the first 6 weeks or so of a baby's life nursing can be demanding, but it gets soooo much easier after that. It may seem daunting right now, but if you can get...
  15. Re: Daycare pushing for more bottles / low pumping productio

    PP have great advice. I would like to add a comment about daycare wanting you to maintain their schedule.. that is beyond ludicrous. Daycare should be more interested in mimicking YOUR schedule if...
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    Re: Night waking and nursing

    I understand completely :) Being a parent is inherently stressful. After all, you are responsible for a little person. Don't beat yourself up too much (I say this as I remind myself of the same...
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    Re: Night waking and nursing

    I thought I would chime in as my son is close in age to yours. I think another poster hit the nail on the head about sleep... society has a very skewed idea of what normal sleep habits for babies...
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    Re: What is "normal" for nighttime waking?

    I agree with PP. My first woke every 1-2 hours for long time.. I think it was about 18 months or longer? My second gave me nice long stretches of 4-5 hours for a couple of months and now sleeps...
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    Re: Washable nursing/breast pads

    I agree with PP. Also, I made my own reusable pads. It was super cheap, but the cutting out part was a little time consuming. The good part is that you can customize the thickness for your needed...
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    Re: FTM EBW questioning myself

    I'm a little late to this party, but wanted to offer some encouragement. When I was pregnant with DS1 I was so focused on the pregnanacy and birth I gave so little thought to what it would actually...
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    Re: Preparing baby for pump weaning

    djs.mom is exactly right. I would, at this point, start offering 2-3 meals a day and snacks. If you want to prepare him for no more bottles, then that routine will need to be replaced with a...
  22. Temas: Supply

    by @llli*5ofus

    Re: Supply

    hey momma! Good job sticking to what you beleive in!

    2 things - your milk is enough for him until he is a year old :)... not just 6 months. At 6 months until a year food is still just for...
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    Re: Night Nursing, too much?

    My DS1 would nurse every couple of hours at night until he was almost 2. He ate solids well and still nursed the same during the day. DS2 is nursing a little less at night and eating solids about...
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    Re: How does your baby "ask" to nurse?

    I was just thinking Saturday that my current nursling doesn't really give me a good clear sign like my oldest one did. DS1 would "pant" at me. No clue where he got it from but he started around 6...
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    Re: Weaned? A Little sad

    :hug Your a trooper to keep at it through the pain. I had little pain in my breasts during pregnancy, and the few times I did gave me a whole new respect for the women who did!

    I wish my...
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