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    Re: Pacifier with BFing?

    Keep in mind that a baby knows it's world through it's mouth. Just because he is sucking on his hands doesn't mean he is still hungry or needs something else to suck on. It is generally said that...
  2. Re: introduce solids 4 months?not enough milk.

    To make things clear solids or food does include rice cereal too, which means your little one should not be having rice cereal either. Their little tummies just aren't ready to digest the stuff yet....
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    Re: Supplementing

    Any amount of formula may cause stomach upset or worse (allergic reaction) if he has never had it before. Today is only Thursday, you have some time before Saturday, get pumping girl...lol

    Deb :)
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    Re: 11 month old still nurse??

    As for the banana and avacodo, just cut up small pieces and there should be no issues of taking big chunks. Little one will probably be able to pick up the pieces himself, if not just pop in a small...
  5. Re: Cutsie Names for Breastfeeding

    We call it num-nums sometimes, but mostly milkies.

    My friend's kids calls it Yummies, and another friend called it a booby shake.

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    Re: HELP! I messed up

    If you've only supplemented with 2 bottles a day, it shouldn't be a problem. Just do like the last poster said and nurse often. Your supply will build right back up. Don't worry.

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    Re: Periods question...

    LOL....Good luck explaining a pregnancy to your husband...lol

    My period has been extremely screwed. It came back at 3.5 mos (I know, I got gypped), I got it 5 weeks later then 4 weeks then 2...
  8. Re: Breastfeeding from a bottle?

    Would you really, really have to leave him for that long? Couldn't you take him with you?

    Has he ever had a bottle? 2.5 weeks is pretty young to introduce a bottle if you don't need to, it can...
  9. Re: When is it okay to Start Table Food?

    My 9.5 mos old only eats table food, he refuses anything pureed (accept applesauce). He loves peas, green or yellow beans, carrots (well cooked), sweet potato or potato chunks, zucchini, spaghetti...
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    Re: My social butterfly

    My DS is 9.5 mos. I remember those days. I used to have to nurse him laying down in bed with the shades pulled down and the lights off, mimicking night so that he would nurse. 2 things have...
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    Re: Criticized for night feeding

    My 9.5 mos old ds still nurses often at night, lately he has been stuck to me all night, and I mean all night. (Teething)

    When people ask if he still wakes to nurse at night, I say "Yes, but he...
  12. Re: Started bottle now new problems

    Avent also has slow flow nipples.

    My little one has never had a nursing strike, so I can't help you there, but the other posters included links for nursing strikes. If anything it sounds like a...
  13. Re: 3 week old likes to sleep through night.

    My midwife suggested that a newborn should not be allowed to sleep more than 4 or 5 hours, 6 at the most due to SIDS. I wish I would have asked her where she got her info from.

    My understanding...
  14. Re: Eating every hour! Advice needed!

    Sounds like your little one is going through a growth spurt. I remember those times, when I thought he was going to become permanently attached to me and I would never ever have time to clean house...
  15. Re: How often does your newborn nurse?

    He's definitely not using you as a pacifier, he's trying to establish your milk supply.

    I remember those days of constant nursing, it will pass.

    Take the time to enjoy your new little one,...
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    Re: Watermelon!?!?

    My little guy loves watermelon too. I cut a thin sliver and hold the rind and he just sucks and bites at it. He did have a problem with cantalope, had diarrhea the next day and was cranky so I...
  17. Re: 6-months - does she eat too much?? help!

    I agree that your little one is not getting enough formula. The Canadian Pediatric Society recommends that babies either nurse (or in your case, have formula) right before eating their solids until...
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    Re: Breastmilk Stains


    I'm from Canada too (North Bay, ON) and have never seen either of those products anywhere.

    I use Oxyclean Baby (I buy mine in a trigger pump) or Independant Grocers/No frills/anywhere...
  19. Re: Multiple troubles -- need help!

    Has your mother told you what she thinks you should be giving her instead? You aren't supposed to give cow's milk until about a yr old, so does she think you should give formula? I'm thinking that...
  20. Re: Pumping Supersizes my Nipples!

    I usually pump once a day, just enough to mix with cereal for meals. I have never had a problem after pumping.

    I use the Avent ISIS manual pump. "The only manual breast pump that's clinically...
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    Re: Periods returning

    I got my 1st period when little one was about 3.5 mos. I didn't get it again for about 6 weeks, then again in 6 weeks, then I got it every other week for a whole week, then finally went two weeks...
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    Re: quick question

    My midwife said it was fine to mix as long as they are at the same temp. (meaning not adding freshly pumped to a cold bottle from the fridge)


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    Re: Giving water?

    Your initial thought on water was right on the money. He does not need water. If it is really hot out he just may need to nurse more often, just like we need to drink more.

    Keep up the good...
  24. Re: How much water does 9 mth old need?

    There is enough water in your breatmilk that she doesn't need to ingest anything other than that. Now that the weather is getting warmer, she may need to nurse more often just like we drink more...
  25. Re: do i have to keep waking her to feed?

    Congrats on your new little one.

    If you didn't wake her how long do you think she would go?

    Unless she has jaundice, and needs to be woken up to feed, I'd just let her make her own schedule.
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