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    How long to pump per session?

    My little girl was born at the end of September and I'm headed back to work at the end of November. I've started pumping both before or after leaving the house without her (SAHDaddy feeds her my...
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    Re: feedings

    Congrats on the baby!
    From personal experience, I agree with mommal about the difficulties of breaking the pacifier habit in children. No one told my mom she was supposed to take the pacifier away...
  3. Re: telling formula-feeding boss I'll pu

    Thanks for your advice. Short and sweet definitely seems like the way to go. I think I won't specify a timeline or end date, especially since she and I are rarely on-site together, so after my...
  4. telling formula-feeding boss I'll pump

    I'm due at the end of September, and when I come back to work after my maternity leave (I only get up to 12 weeks, and I'm the breadwinner, so I have to go back to keep a roof over our heads) I'm...
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