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    Weaning, not very good at it.

    My second child loves nursing, but was too dependent on it to calm him down or to go to sleep. I finally 'weaned' him after we had a four day seperation in early April. Afterwards I told him that...
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    Re: I need some advice!

    :( Sorry! I have had those same feelings of frustration with the lack of husband help and feeling resentful with the nursing relationship (a symptom of feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities)....
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    Weaning humor

    I am in the process of weaning my 24-month-old. He loves his "tangies" (short for 'hu-tangs'), but I'm ready to be done. We'd gone three days without nursing (Oh! the nights have been horrible). ...
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    Re: ugh, feeling stressed out

    :hug ...I feel the same way! (I've started to resent the "nuclear family" of our modern and civilized cultures and long for the tribal way of living, where there would be real support right next...
  5. Re: Is it true that BF babies have a "weaker" gut?

    Whenever a medical professional tells me something I'm dubious about... like BF babies having a weaker gut... I say "Show me the research!" Often I have found its just personal opinion, not medical...
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    Re: Fustrated w/ my dr

    not geting any benefits? I never understand that one... Like human milk magically looses all nutritional value, immunological transfer, and the nursing relationship is suddenly not comforting. ...
  7. Re: When you don't feel like nursing..

    More advice!

    I'm in the same boat as you. My 18-month-old has increased his demands to nurse and throws as fit if he doesn't get too. Now I've been giving in because I feel bad about making him...
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    Re: Lack of support already!

    Remember breastfeeding and "extended" breastfeeding is the BIOLOGICAL norm for humans, even if it is no longer a CULTURAL norm for most of us. I'm not afraid to say I sleep with my children, that I...
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    Re: Omg

    What a rotten bummer!!! I am sooo sick of the arrogance of science and the medical field. It's sucks that they are who we have to turn to when we need help. I recommend using "Google scholar" to...
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    Re: Pumping and nosy coworkers

    :cry I'm frustrated for all mothers who have to work and have to work with people who are unsupportive of breastfeeding.
  11. Re: Busy helping nature but hurting my milk supply.

    Just a follow up (I always wonder when I read a post what happened). My son is now 10 months old and still wants 12-15oz of milk while I work. It has been a real struggle to make this amount....
  12. Re: Busy helping nature but hurting my milk supply.

    I'm now able to get the daily ration of the milk baby needs by pumping diligently when I am not at work + manually expressing when an oppurtunity arises at work. I only live a mile from work so, no...
  13. Re: Busy helping nature but hurting my milk supply.

    Dilegent pumping outside my working hours + one 20 minute pumping session at work + 2 manual expression sessions in the woods = 15 ounces!

    Thanks for the support! It just helps knowing that...
  14. Re: Busy helping nature but hurting my milk supply.

    Baby is 8 months old a drinks 12-15oz/day when I am at work, even though he is also eating real food now. I used to make that when pumping 2-3 times a day at work... but now if I only pump once I...
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    Re: harrasment at work, LONG!!!

    What a bummer! Golly, if you were a smoker taking smoking breaks I doubt she would pull you into her office to lecture you about smoking.

    Good luck and keep up the good work!
  16. Busy helping nature but hurting my milk supply.

    I work in natural resource management, meaning my work is outside and I don't have a set schedule for pumping breaks. Now that the growing season is here, my duties have increased and I am having a...
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