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    Re: Sore throat and nursing

    have you tried good ole ibuprofen? it always helps take away some of the pain for me.
  2. Re: Help! Weaning my 2.5 year old...

    is the dad willing to do nighttime parenting? i don't think we could've nightweaned without my husband completely taking over during the night. my presence would make ds mad if he couldn't nurse....
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    Re: I am so sick =(

    definitely keep nursing! ds avoided the stomach flu i had this spring because of nursing, i'm sure.
  4. Re: 12 week old STILL eating every 2-3 hours

    i think it's pretty normal for some babies to do this during their entire nursing career! my son certainly did. except he was more like, every 30 minutes to an hour for the first 8 months or so....
  5. Re: Continuously feeding...not satisfied

    my son nursed every 30 minutes for the first 6 months, i swear! i think some babies need to constantly be latched. this time will pass, and you will be so proud of yourself that you gave him what he...
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    Re: Mother Having Health Issues

    i experienced some of those symptoms. i felt dizzy frequently, especially toward the end of the first year when i had no "reserves" of fat left! i always felt insanely thirsty, but just got used to...
  7. Re: 11 Months - No Solids. How late did your LO start?

    i should also add that i was being a classic over-protective first time mom, and was very, very scared of giving him crackers or anything that involved lots of chewing too soon. i think most parents...
  8. Re: 11 Months - No Solids. How late did your LO start?

    we didn't start getting serious about solids until ds was 11.5 months. he just wasn't interested before then, so we didn't push it, and i also believe in the benefits of only breastmilk for the first...
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    Re: Sinus problems

    have you tried a netti pot to flush out your sinuses?
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    Re: Early morning weaning....

    we did the dr gordon method with combined nightweaning, and the same thing happened to us. ds would wake up sometime between 4 and 5. at first, i would still nurse him and we would all fall back...
  11. Re: Poll: How long have you gone with no AF?

    my last AF was in august of '05, so that's... 2 yrs 8 months and counting! if i don't ovulate until the next baby is around 15 months, i'm looking at over 4 years with no evil period. maybe longer if...
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    Re: yobaby yogurt?

    we buy the pints of organic whole milk yogurt, and then mix it with unsweetened applesauce. by the time ds liked yogurt, those little cups were too small!
  13. Re: Will This All Night Buffet Ever End

    we did the dr. gordon method when ds was 16 months to wean him from night feedings. it was a slow process (about 2 monts) but so, so worth it.
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    Re: Desperately Seeking SLEEP

    are you guys co-sleeping? we didn't at first because i had a c-section to recover from and couldn't nurse lying down on my side. after the first two months or so, we took ds into bed with us and it...
  15. Re: Having a c-section - will I still be able to breastfeed?

    i'm another successful breastfeeder who had a c-section. i guess i lucked out with my hospital-- all of the nurses seemed to be LCs. why don't you speak with an LC before the birth? that way you'll...
  16. Re: calling all moms whose kids weaned before we were ready for them to!

    thank you for your kind words! i cried about it to dh tonight, which helped.
  17. calling all moms whose kids weaned before we were ready for them to!

    a support thread! my ds is a few days shy of 20 months, and hasn't nursed at all for the past two days. this comes after weeks of showing less and less interest in the boob. i'm still offering, but...
  18. Re: First Time Daycare Baby and Illness

    my ds has been a lot sicker this winter than he was last winter. we're not in daycare, but i know who to blame-- gymboree! i think it just goes with the territory, honestly. but i would talk with the...
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    Re: Self-weaning at 17 months?

    i was just about to make the exact same post! my ds is almost 20 months and over the past week has been refusing to nurse during one or both of our twice-a-day sessions. it's really disconcerting to...
  20. Re: Can I get my period back without weaning?

    i ovulated, and got pregnant, when ds was 15 months. i don't know if this was why, but i had recently gained 5 lbs or so because it was getting cold out and ds and i were no longer taking marathon...
  21. Re: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    i never bought any official nursing clothing because of the prices. i wear a tanktop underneath a shirt i can either unbutton or lift up easily, and then pull down the neckline of the tanktop under...
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    Re: Help- Have the flu!!

    you poor thing. i had a horrendous flu last month that sounds similar-- high fever, chills, etc. i was able to take care of my child. you just get though it. breastfeeding is so important when your...
  23. Re: 19 month old knawing at breast?

    i'm now embarrassed i spelled gnaw with a k. stupid pregnancy brain!
  24. 19 month old knawing at breast?

    my ds is your average toddler nurser-- latches on for a few seconds, gets distracted, re-latches, etc. but recently it seems like his latch is off and he's not actually paying attention to what he's...
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    Re: cow's milk? vegan mommies?

    we are a vegetarian household, with vegan leanings. dh and i use soy milk instead of cow's milk because we are both a little grossed out by milk. we bought cow's milk for ds for the first time this...
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