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    Going on St. John's Wort..

    I'll start this by saying my son is now close to 27 months. He nurses on and off through the day but nowhere near as much as he used to. It's more a boredom/emotional thing for him now and also to...
  2. When you don't feel like nursing..

    What do you do instead?

    Lately I've had moments where my son wants to nurse and I really don't feel like it. He's okay if he starts nursing and then I stop him. But if he asks and I tell him mommy...
  3. Re: Breastfeeding uncomfortable before period

    I'm glad I found this. I am pretty sure I have PMS and this is exactly how I feel.. and did during when I suspect I was ovulating too.. I only just got AF back in January and I've only had two. But...
  4. Need help - Serious seasonal depression and nursing a toddler

    I get really depressed during the winter and it lasts until around late May/early June. Last year I went on Zoloft and it helped except it gave me severe insomnia. I was so exhausted I became really...
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    Depressed about Weaning

    Seriously, sitting here crying my eyes out. I always had the goal to nurse until 2. I said in the past that I would slowly start weaning at 18 months, but when 18 months came around I wasn't ready...
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    Re: Toddler nursing manners..

    He's 20 months. He knows how to ask for it, just really doesn't want to. I haven't tried talking to him about it when he isn't wanting to.. I can try that, I'm not sure he'll completely understand...
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    Toddler nursing manners..

    Toddlers(or mine at least) appear to have terrible nursing manners. I think it's mostly my fault because I let him behave this way at home, but when we go out it's embarassing for me. He will just...
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