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  1. Re: How to get started pumping while still nursing?

    I have a Medela Pump In Style. So...throughout one day, I can just keep pumping into the same bottles and putting them back into fridge? How long will fresh pumped milk stay in fridge before I need...
  2. How to get started pumping while still nursing?

    Hi! My DD is 3 months old and I have decided I would like to start pumping to build up a supply so I can leave her with a sitter on occasion! I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom, so I want to mainly...
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    Re: Shooting Pain in Breasts

    Yes - thank you! I just read on here about pain caused from letdown if you have a lot of milk....I think this might be the case because she chokes & sputters quite a bit sometimes! I need to relax...
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    Shooting Pain in Breasts

    Hi guys! My DD will be 4 weeks old on Friday and I am exclusively breastfeeding. Every once in awhile between nursing sessions, I get a shooting pain/discomfort in my breast (happens in both - but...
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