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    Frustrated 18 month old

    the last few days my daughter has become very frustrated while nursing, in fact she has become to be very picky about how she nurses. She usually makes me get pillows or lay in the bed with her, she...
  2. Re: Does your toddler get 1000 calories a day?

    I let my DD lead, if she is hungry I offer more food, sometimes she doesn't eat very much at all. I always offer healthy food and hope she eats her fill!!
  3. Re: Don't want to wean, but I can't keep weight on..

    buy high fat/energy foods like almonds and put a bag of them in your pocket so you can just munch on them through the day, eat an avocado on your sandwhich and put butter and Olive oil in all the...
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    Re: Possibly dumb latch question

    There are no dumb questions!!!!!
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    Re: BF in public

    I felt the same way... I was in so much fear. Having a sling helped a lot because it mostly covered her and I didn't have to worry about it falling off. I also started DOING it that is how I became...
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    Re: Meals and nursing?

    My dd loves scrambled eggs, so we have that for breakfast a lot, I usually dice up onions, bell pepper, and (whatever other good veggies are on hand) add it too the scramble. for snacks small pieces...
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    Re: questions about noises / feeding

    My daughter was a grunter, she grunted all the time, and she made a honking noise when she exhaled, I called her my little goose.
    I would recommend burping her more often and for longer periods if...
  8. Re: How do you get up the courage to nurse while you're teaching baby not to bite?

    I did this, held her head tightly against my breast as she nurses, no she knows there is no MESSING around!
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    Re: Hungry baby not enough milk

    are you burping often? I always tried to burp between breast but if your baby feeds for a long time on one breast maybe try burping in the middle of the feeding.

    Or it could be a growth spurt,...
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    Re: Do you ever stop feeling so thirsty?

    I hadn't thought about it but I really just got used to being thirsty... I can chug a 8oz glass and then do it again immediately after, I still wake up and drink water at night too!
  11. Re: Could teething cause a change in latch?

    yeah that age is a good time to start guiding toward nursing manners, you can make it clear that she has to treat your breast with respect, since your dd loves the boob she will learn fast mine did! ...
  12. Re: Just out of curiosity for all moms who have good letdown

    although I watched my dd suck her thumb in the ultrasound at 40wks she hasn't ever done it since? I do have a fast flow and when she was young she came up for air a lot!
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    Re: supplementing a preschooler

    I know it couldn't hurt! Although the benefits change as they get older it is still healthy and good for immunity!
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    Re: no milk today :(

    The problem with offering a bottle of milk is she will drink it even if she isn't hungry because a bottle drips into the mouth and causes suckling so it may seem like she drank the bottle but...
  15. Re: If you've had your period, please respond...

    I got mine at 6 weeks and I was nursing every 2-3 hours and mostly co-sleeping... I wish it wouldn't have came so soon!!!
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    Re: Co-sleeping

    I put DD crib mattress on the floor in between our bed and the wall, it is about 6 inches lower than our bed so it is 'contained' but she is easily reached and out back, we don't have room in our...
  17. Re: At what age do they wean typically?

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    Re: Lots of Questions about my almost 14MO

    breastmilk has more calories than whole milk....

    My dd is about that age and I buy whole fat plain yogurt and add frozen juice concentrate (orange is my fav.) to it... that way it is not sweetened...
  19. Re: I hope it's not too nosy and won't offend anyone, but how old are you?

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    Re: EBF until 12 months old or longer

    I had severe allergies as a child, I was almost allergic to everything LITERALLY!(dairy, soy, wheat, sugar, pork, peanuts/tree nuts) I was scared as you were but so far I have let her have everything...
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    Re: Caffeine...is my baby reacting?

    :ita I had a moment where I thought it was affecting my LO so I quit for a few weeks and noticed no change so now I drink coffee pretty regular and still notice no affect on my DD
  22. Temas: burping

    by @llli*laurak

    Re: burping

    I would burp the baby every time you switch breasts, if your baby feeds for a long time on one breast burp every 10 minutes, I used to try and burp for about 5-10 minutes with the baby upright and...
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    Re: Baby Turning 1 and I'm Bewildered.

    Your milk is far more nutritional for your toddler than cows milk, and your milk is designed for your baby and it is sanitary and it comforts them immensely through teething and developmental...
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    Re: Red Nipples

    if they aren't itchy or sore than it probably isn't something to worry to much about, just make sure it doesn't turn into anything bad...... My nipples got darker since I have breastfed but I don't...
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    Re: Extremely low supply!!

    are you breastfeeding before or after you supplement. How much do you supplement at a time? If your baby is filling up his tiny belly on formula he won't have any space for breast milk, it is best to...
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