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    Weaning 19 mo; 2.5 mos pregnant


    I have a 19 mo little boy who loves to nurse. We have gradually worked down to ~3 nursing per 24 hours. He doesn't nurse before bed. He ALWAYS wakes around 4-5am and is desperate for nursing....
  2. Re: Low weight gain - should I be concerned?

    He has grown in both length and head circumference. In fact he has grown 5 inches since birth.

    He probably eats ever 2.5 hours during the day and once or twice at night. But during the day they...
  3. Low weight gain - should I be concerned?

    my son was 7.10 at birth, weighted 11.1 at 2 months and then at his 4 month check up this week was only 12.7.

    So that means he has gained 22 oz in 2 months. Should I be concerned by this...
  4. 3.5 month old - biting, pulling nipple, latching on and off


    My 3.5 mo EBF son has always been a sort of rough nurser and I think I've allowed bad habits to form and I"m not sure a) why he does them and b)what to do about it.

    1. He bites, often...
  5. New nipple pain at 6 wks, also clicking/breaking suction


    My DS is 6 weeks old, gaining well and generally thriving. He has significant silent reflux (hoarseness, arching, lots of crying, stridor, etc) but is nursing often (and seemingly well). We...
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    Re: Oversupply/OALD & Comfort Nursing


    Just wanted to chime in about silent reflux. My DD (age 22 months has it) and now my 6 week DS has it. It can definitely cause a baby to either nurse a TON or to not eat at all.

    My DD...
  7. Re: 3.5 week old, fussy and nursing is an athletic event...

    Blocks are generally 2 feedings and 4 hours on each side. No my milk doesn't shoot, but if he pulls off it will run out in quick drips. My breast don't feel as full now as they did, and in fact I...
  8. Re: 3.5 week old, fussy and nursing is an athletic event...

    P.S. I forgot to add that at 9 days he had a fever, so was admitted (I guess its protocol to head of menengitis) for two days of IV antibiotics...I think this may be contributing to his stomach,...
  9. 3.5 week old, fussy and nursing is an athletic event...

    I am nursing my second baby, a son, who is 3.5 weeks old. He has become increasingly fussy, so that if he's not sleeping or eating (and even while eating) he'll be fussing - writhing, screaming,...
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    Re: Husband / Father's point of view

    How does she feel about the strict pumping schedule (outside of her desire to make it to a year)? I too had to pump exclusively - my daughter has had some major health issues and is now fed through a...
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    Re: EP: Sore Nipples


    Just my two cents. Not sure if its helpful. I had to start EPing due to a baby who has reflux so bad she wouldn't eat and now has a J-Tube. She's still getting my breast milk 8 months in. But...
  12. EPing, Letdown and plugged ducts

    I've been EPing for about a month now for my daughter who is almost 5 months old, due to some medical problems that make her unable to nurse.

    I have a couple of questions -

    1. I never feel...
  13. Re: 4 mo old and now have to EP - help

    Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for the thoughts. I would keep breastfeeding, I even went against Drs orders to do it, but she is just in so much pain and has such an aversion to eating that she won't stay on...
  14. 4 mo old and now have to EP - help

    My almost 4 mo old was in the hospital for a week, for breathing problems. The diagnosis was swallowing problems and really bad silent reflux that are causing her to aspirate. The Drs say she cannot...
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