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    Re: Baby refusing to Nurse

    I agree with the poster above to check out Kellymom and Jack Newmans sites. Lots of good advice there.
    Definitely use a cup or syringe instead of a bottle. Not as great as an SNS, but much better...
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    Re: It's just driving me mad :'(

    Ok...first, try to stay calm.
    I have what may seem like a strange suggestion. But just try it because it really works for many people.
    After the next time he eats well, wait about 1 1/2 hours....
  3. Re: Feeding/nursing issues with 12 month

    Yes, it sounds perfectly normal. She's probably much more efficient at nursing now, too. Toddlers get really good at getting milk out fast. There were times when I thought my son couldn't possibly be...
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