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    Re: Need Advice-baby won't eat solids

    I am in this boat as well -- mine is nearly 9 months and pretty much hates most solids. She will only explore new foods if she is TOTALLY in control of the experience and even then is not that...
  2. Re: Several Questions for First Newborn

    Thanks to all who replied. This was the little boost of encouragement I really needed. Feeling really frustrated after last night where damaged nipple somehow just snuck up on me. Past 2 days things...
  3. Re: Several Questions for First Newborn

    Thank you so much for your advice and input. I really appreciate it... Today I am feeling rather desperate after all... last 24 hrs things seem much worse. I am about to call local LLL contact now...
  4. Re: Several Questions for First Newborn

    Thanks so much. I really needed the encouragement this morning...
  5. Several Questions for First Newborn

    I have perused many of the posts looking for more info to answer my own questions... unfortunately, now I think I only have more questions and am worried I am dealing with several problems. I guess...
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