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    Oh wow, I am gonna try that at the next feeding!!! Funny how these little tips make you so happy!!! It's pretty much all i do as I chase my 2 year old around and sending the 9 year off too school!!!...

    Hi all...my LO is now 9 weeks now and we have been exclusively breastfeeding and doing better than the beginning when i shared our troubles of gas and spitting up. I now believe that is more of a...
  3. Re: Eats, spits up and still not happy???? Constantly feeding

    Great! I do just nurse him again to calm him down and eventually after all the spit up and gas he settles. Swaddling is great for him I have noticed...I am going to try that and keep moving forward...
  4. Eats, spits up and still not happy???? Constantly feeding

    My son is 3 weeks old and is doing well breast feeding for the most part. There are hours where I am feeding him for 6 hours on and off constantly! I know he is getting milk because I hear him...
  5. Re: Is there such a thing as not producing enough milk?

    That is exactly why I am trying to find help, sorry that i am not much help to you. :cry
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