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  1. Re: Made the decision - going cold turkey

    Yeah - the cold turkey thing lasted about 10 minutes. I don't have it in me to listen to her be so upset. We talked with the pediatrician today and I am going to try to set some limits about when...
  2. Made the decision - going cold turkey

    I've decided to stop nursing this week. Joci is 18 months old and whenever I'm home (I'm usually out of the house 10-12 hrs a day for work) she is asking to nurse every 10 minutes. It's gotten to...
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    EBM recipes???

    So the baby (11 mo old) won't take a bottle or sippy cup anymore and I've got tons of milk in the freezer. We've tried making her oatmeal with the EBM but then she won't eat the oatmeal. We've...
  4. Re: Thoughts on pumping at this point...

    With my older daughter (4 yr old), I stopped pumping at 1 yr. With the baby (she's 11 mo), I stopped pumping most days 2 wks ago. I've probably got ~120 oz in the freezer and since she pretty much...
  5. Re: Tips for traveling (without baby) when you are breastfeeding/pumping

    Thanks for the tips. I'm flying from Chicago to Dallas at the end of the month and was not sure what I was going to do. I'm a little concerned about not being allowed to have the ice pack unless...
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    Pumping and travel for work

    Greetings all. I'm going out of town next week for work and wondering if anyone has traveled recently with their pump and freshly expressed milk? I'd rather not check my bag if I don't have to but...
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    Re: Would you go or not?

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    Re: What is the secret?!?!?!

    My 4 month old did the same thing - refused everything (Avent, Playtex, BreastFirst/Flow - the one with 2 nipples, Medela, Second Nature, Dr. Browns). We also tried a finger feeding device and a...
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    Re: Is anyone else a closet Extended bfer?

    I nursed my older daughter for 27 months and if she needed to eat and we were out, then she ate. Once she got closer to 2 yrs old, we started slowing down and she mostly nursed in the morning and at...
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    Re: Selecting the best retail breast pump

    I used a PIS for my older daughter and thought it was great, although I was able to leave it at the office which made the daily commuting easier. I also just bought a PISA because I still wanted to...
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    3 mo old and a sippy cup

    Has anyone gone straight to a sippy cup with a 13 wk old? My daughter has refused all bottles and now we are trying the Avent sippy cup tops that fit on their bottles but I'm looking for suggestions...
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    Re: Won't take bottle

    I have no solutions since we are in the same boat with our 3 mo old but I thought I'd lend my support. We have tried just about every nipple that is on the market and the finger feeder. Next up is...
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    Re: Questioning Pump Frequency

    Also depends on the age of the baby. When I first went back to work I pumped every three hours but as she started eating solids after a few months, I was able to go down to 2x/day and still have...
  14. Re: okay to give first few onces of expressed milk?

    You can also save it for when you start giving the baby cereal - use the bm to mix the cereal instead of water.
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    Re: Feeling weird about nursing my 17 month

    I nursed my older daughter until she was 27 months old and it made life easier for everyone. Towards the end it was only the early morning and bedtime nursing sessions but it was a great way for us...
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    Finger feeding device

    Has anyone used a finger feeding device for an infant that refuses a bottle? Our 11 wk old daughter took a bottle at 5 and 6 wks and has refused ever since. She keeps moving the nipple around with...
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    Re: What happened?

    My daughter also got a cold around 3 wks (thanks to her older sister). We used the bulb syringe and saline several times a day to clear her nose and whenever she coughed, she brought up a mixture of...
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    Re: Mixing formula and breastmilk?

    With my older daughter I got a bad cold at 5 months and took Sudafed, which reduced my supply. I ended up mixing 2 oz of Nestle Good Start with 2 oz of breast milk for each of the 3 bottles that she...
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    Re: working moms successful BF?

    I am out of the house for 12 hrs or more and I would feed the baby around 6am, pump at 9, 12 and 3 and nurse again when I got home at 7pm. This schedule lasted until she was about 8 months old. By...
  20. Re: Trouble with pumping - getting discouraged

    Keep trying to nurse when you are home - even if it only lasts a few minutes. Babies will do more to stimulate your milk supply than the pump will. I nursed my older daughter for 27 months and...
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