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  1. Re: BF 5 1/2 month to sleep/comfort

    Yeah we are leaving tomorrow (Thanksgiving) to go to the hotel near the airport. Then Friday we fly out to Japan:cry

    I really dont want to go but there is really nothing I can do about it.
  2. Re: What is the obsession with starting solids????

    OMG coke what?? Yeah I would have some serious issues with this.
  3. Re: What is the obsession with starting solids????

    Wow thank goodness my MIL lives more than 1000 miles away. Of course I have enough strangers telling me how to raise my child to make up for it. Also about the solids I would defintly mention about...
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    Re: Just need to vent

    Thanks yeah I just stated the facts that I was trying to prevent illnesses later. I like the willful ignorance..lol
  5. Re: ped's guidelines for introducing solids

    I ignore most of what doctors say these days. Mine was pushing cereal and baby food at 3 months and I was like um no. He near had a heart attack when I told him no solids until hes a year oh and the...
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    Just need to vent

    So my LO is 5 1/2 months. I plan on soley breastfeeding until a year. I mean no solids until a year. I have quite a few problems that run in my family that I have researched and they all say...
  7. BF 5 1/2 month to sleep/comfort

    My 5 1/2 month son loves to comfort feed also he is nursed to sleep just about every time he naps or goes to bed. Sometimes my husband can walk him to sleep, but thats very rare. Should I continue to...
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