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  1. Re: baby latches and unlatches over and over and over

    My lo did this all the time as a newborn. Sometimes he is trying to stimulate a let down. I have plenty of milk. He just wants it faster. Sometimes he's had enough and needs to burp. Sometimes he's...
  2. Re: Breastfeeding and pumping questions for a 3 week old

    Links are not working properly today.
  3. Re: Breastfeeding and pumping questions for a 3 week old

    Please read this article on newborn sleep training. It's directed specifically at the authors of a new born sleep training book. It's explains...
  4. A six year old's thoughts on breastfeeding


    This is a really sweet and encouraging article. It's from the mom, Jamie, and her son, Aram, who were infamously featured...
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    Re: Help For My Wife

    Excellent advice above! Kudos to you for helping your wife so much. Marital support is a key to a good breastfeeding relationship. I hope your wife recovers very soon!
    Please let us know how things...
  6. Re: Mother has hit the wall after natural weaning.


    I'm sorry you're going through this mama! I can relate very well to the stresses of having...
  7. Re: 7 weeks and breast feeding support


    The first link contains tips for getting baby to nurse. Expressing a bit of...
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    Re: want to wean

    There are some good tips in this link, especially regarding...
  9. Re: Managing oversupply and the pain

    Ice packs are also fantastic for relieving some of the pain of engorgment and if you put them on your breasts shortly before baby nurses, it will help calm the flow down some. Otherwise, everything...
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    Re: Weight gain frustrations

    Hi! I have a few questions so hopefully we can help you better.
    Was baby weighed nude on the same scale as previously used?
    Does baby...
  11. Re: My first breasfeeding problem: Fussy newborn with diarrh

    Definitely get a weight check if you have any concerns. I bet there's nothing wrong though. We called my lo goldilocks for the first few...
  12. Re: 3 minute feedings in 5 week old?

    One thing you'll find out as a parent is as soon as you figure out and get comfortable with baby's routine, they change it! Five weeks is the first of several developmental milestones (causing fussy...
  13. Re: My first breasfeeding problem: Fussy newborn with diarrh

    Is he trying to stimulate a let down? My fusses like that when he wants a faster flow so I either try breast compressions or switch sides to help him with it. He doesn't have to do it much anymore. I...
  14. Re: 8mo 3 wks/ night feedings/ solids help!!!

    I think you can take a deep breath and relax. It's entirely likely that her sleeping pattern will change again soon. My son slept twelve hours a few times around eight months but went right back to...
  15. Re: Newborn baby nurses but doesn't get full

    When you say he wakes up screaming, are you still holding him or are you attempting to lay him down for a nap? If you've set him down, he may be scared and waking frantic at being alone. Have you or...
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    LLL in the news


    This is from our local latch on event. There's a...
  17. Re: 7 weeks and breast feeding support

    Congratulations on your...
  18. Re: Baby 9 days old, difficulty nursing

    Normal breastfed new born baby behavior is to nurse ALL THE TIME. Get comfy on the couch or in bed and plan to nurse a lot for...
  19. Re: Is it possible fussy baby's not hungry?

    I think around seven weeks was when my lo was mainly just nursing from my left, nursing very quickly, and wanting to be rocked to sleep. He keeps switching things up on me though and I really try...
  20. Re: Change in BFing between baby 1 and baby 2?

    Congrats! I've had zero of the breastfeeding issues with my second that plagued the early weeks with my first. A much calmer delivery led to immediate latching. Being in a baby friendly certified...
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    Re: Is this hurting my supply?

    If baby truly gained a lb in the first week, then you are doing just fine. It's totally normal for baby's feeding pattern to be erratic. As long as baby is nursing enough overall, a longer stretch or...
  22. Re: EBF 8month, I feel a cold or bad allergies.

    Our household got hit with a cold this week, too. Started with the baby and spread to all the rest. It's been pretty mild though so no meds...
  23. Re: nursing on demand? provide enough fore and hind milk?

    This article explains foremilk/hindmilk really well. It's really nothing to worry about. As long as baby receives an adequate overall amount...
  24. Re: 3 1/2 week old not up to birth weight yet

    Have your doctor look very closely at any possible medical causes. My cousin's son had a congenital heart defect that went undiagnosed until 8 weeks. He didn't have the energy to stay awake long...
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    Re: Frustrations

    Is it just painful in the right side or both? Would you both be happier just nursing on the favored left side?
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