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  1. Ok, I've decided to pack my pump away...

    Not sure if I'm happy or sad, but I finally decided it was time. Tori will be 17 months next week and she still nurses about 4x/day. I think I'm good with that. I haven't actually "packed" my pump...
  2. Re: Should I put my pump away for good?

    I'm only pumping about 3-4 oz. But She only drinks a bottle Mon-Thurs. I still pump the other 3 days I'm not working and it just sort of rotates in the fridge so I have enough for her bottles. ...
  3. Should I put my pump away for good?

    Tori is almost 17 mos. Still nursing about 4x's a day and I still pump once in the morning so she can have something in a bottle when I'm at work. She drinks whole milk from a sippy cup, but still...
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    So cute...

    As I was :nak ing, Tori looked at me, smiled and said, "Mmmm good!" :love
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    I love my Pedi

    DD went for her 15 mos check-up today. When he asked if I was still nursing, I happily said yes! His response, "Good, it'll probably be a while since this is your last baby...like 5 or 6 yrs." ...
  6. Re: EBM stash dwindling, so what to put in bottles?

    So, I decided I don't want to lug my pump to work again , but :rolleyes: would take bottle to hand express at least a little. I can't get much out this way, but it's better than nothing. I ended up...
  7. Re: EBM stash dwindling, so what to put in bottles?

    Maybe I will pump more. :rolleyes: It's hard for me to know exactly how much she will need, since I nurse her when we are together, especially bedtime. I've never given her a bottle myself. When...
  8. Re: EBM stash dwindling, so what to put in bottles?

    Oh, sorry if it wasn't clear! :o

    What should I have my mom give DD when we are gone for those 2 days, and DD wants a bottle? I'll give her what EBM I'll have, but when that's gone...??
  9. EBM stash dwindling, so what to put in bottles?

    Hope I'm posting this in the right forum...

    DD is 15 mos. I still nurse 3-4x's a day. She still takes EBM from a bottle when I'm at work and eats solids pretty good. I only pump once in the am...
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    Re: Working part time

    When you say "bottle feed" do you mean with formula or EBM? I would try to express or pump a little each day for LO at DC. JMHO.
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    Re: We Did It!

    Yah! :clap Isn't it a great feeling?! :ita
  12. Re: What will happen when I wean fully?

    Oh, sorry! Where are my manners??? :o

  13. Re: What will happen when I wean fully?

  14. Re: What will happen when I wean fully?

    The last 6 mos of my nursing relationship with my oldest was only bedtime. When the time came to stop, we just stopped and I never had problems. I think gradual is the key.
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    Re: Need a hug....


    I totally understand! I feel sometimes like I give 100% to my job, come home tired, so my family gets the leftover mommy! :cry It's hard to balance everything. It'll get better....

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    Re: Storing Breast Milk after feeding

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    Re: Breastfeeding too much??

    I just wanted to add that since your LO is sleeping so long at night and at such a young age, that could have something to do with feeding so much during the day. A lot of 10 wk olds are nursing all...
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    Re: Should I introduce cow's milk?

    What if she wants a bottle from my mom or DH when I'm at work? She will drink out of a straw cup. Should I just eliminate bottles?
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    Should I introduce cow's milk?

    I wasn't sure if I should post this in the pumping thread, but here it goes.

    DD is 14.5 months. I no longer pump at work, but still nurse about 4x's/day on those days and on demand on the...
  20. Re: if i stop pumping during weekdays will there be milk for nursing during weekends?

    I cut back on my pumping when DD turned a year and eventually got to where I completely stopped. (Took a couple weeks.) I have not noticed any change in supply on weekends. She is 14 1/2 mos now...
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    Snacks for 14 mos?

    Especially great to go snacks?
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    Re: Can't believe it's been a year

    :cow:broc:apple:cheer Yah! Way to go mama!!!

    :hb Thomas!!
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    Re: freezer to deep freezer?

    I think so.:ita
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    Re: Should I still be pumping??


    Your baby is better at removing milk than any pump. If you LO is getting the hang of nursing, I wouldn't stress over the pump. But if you want to build a stash, then pump after LO nurses....
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    Re: 17 Months....we made it!!

    I got teary eyed reading that! :happytears We're at almost 14 months! I can't imagine being done...this is my last baby, too! :love

    :hug:clap Great job mama! BTW, Andrew is a great name. It's...
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