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  1. Re: Latch/Unlatch 10.5 months old

    Could you be pregnant? Sometimes lowered supply, nipple pain, and a fussy baby are the first symptoms a nursing mother notices.
  2. Re: Can a baby be "allergic" to breastmilk?

    This is a theory on bloody stools from Dr Jack Newman. It may be worth an email to him for his opinion which you could take to the GI.
  3. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?

    Yes. Here are the symptoms of food allergy as listed in Dr Sears The Baby Sleep Book:
    -baby gassy or bloated after a feeding
    - can hear or feel intestines churning after feeding/generally irritable...
  4. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?

    Sorry if I overreacted. That last line seemed aimed directly at me and seemed to imply I shouldn't have even mentioned it. For what it's worth both my boys gained wellandseemed healthy. Neither ever...
  5. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?

    Yes great I understand it all it could be normal. I am simply writing my experience and providing the resource I used to make the decision to change my diet. I waited weeks even though I felt dairy...
  6. Re: Gassy, no one is sleeping, what am I doing wrong?


    This article was very helpful when my youngest son displayed many of the same symptoms. Painful waking, hiccups, grunting in his sleep, painful gas....
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    Re: When to worry about weight?

    I wondered that same question myself after posting today!
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    Re: When to worry about weight?


    Here are the charts for calculating breastfed babies gain. I'm too fuzzy this morning to try the math myself. It is typical for breastfed babies gain to...
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    Re: No weight gain


    Actually 2-3 oz is perfectly average for mom to pump between sessions. You'll need 1-1.5 oz per hour you're gone from baby. So a 8 hour separation...
  10. Re: New situation : Fussy at the breast, wants to comfort su


    Some babies really don't need to sleep more than one 45-55 minute sleep cycle. This is one of those baby 'expert'...
  11. Re: Nursing 14 month old + possibly TTC -- supply question

    I conceived ds2 when my oldest was 2. I didn't notice a decrease in supply until nearly 12 weeks. It quickly dropped to absolutely nothing by 15 weeks but a small amount of colostrum came in at 21...
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    Re: Understanding baby

    Well nursing usually solves all three issues. My former LLL leader said offer to nurse whenever they blink at this age. No matter what the fear mongers tell you, this is not a bad thing. Overuse of...
  13. Re: my baby eats a lot at night every 45 minutes. he is 10,



    I'm not sure if you mean in the evenings or at night? My first...
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    Re: 9.5 months transition?

    19--12 months is a common time for babies to have a decreased interest in nursing. Increased mobility and slower growth rates mean less time nursing. I'd lurked on here long enough that I knew it was...
  15. Re: New situation : Fussy at the breast, wants to comfort su

    Many moms catch that fast flow that squirts out in a towel or bottle and reattach baby when it's a calmed a bit. 3 oz (sorry can't think in ml) isn't so much that I'd...
  16. Re: New situation : Fussy at the breast, wants to comfort su

    Do you do any baby wearing? That was the most helpful thing to get my youngest to sleep and keep him from waking when jostled. It seemed my son hit a growth spurt every other day at that age. We just...
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    Re: No weight gain

    Nursing length commonly becomes much shorter at this age. Babies become very efficient at extracting milk as they age and I think they get more while...
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    Re: 2 years!

    Yay mama! That is such a cute story.

    I didn't expect to end up on this toddler nursing path when I started my parenting journey either but I couldn't be more thankful for the strange detour life...
  19. Re: Sleeping through night-- whether to pump?

    Storage capacity varies tremendously from woman to woman so it's hard to say whether you need that stimulation or not. Every now and then is not likely to harm your supply if daytime frequency is...
  20. Re: Terrible rash and screaming at breast

    I believe she meant hand express into a towel through the let down if you're not actively leaking. The above article has a lot of tips...
  21. Re: Dry Nursing during Pregnancy - Ouch!

    Congrats on both your pregnancies! I'm not going to be much help either, I'm afraid. I limited nursing to about the number you are at right now and distracted myself as much as possible (lots of...
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    Re: so many questions!


    All sounds normal to me!
  23. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    Serves me right for not reading the whole page before answering. I see now there's more to talk about! That link has tips for curbing...
  24. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    I think I remember a bigger growth spurt around six months. I know my oldest gained average for a while before packing on several lbs in a few months time during his last couple spurts. Kelly mom...
  25. Re: feeding to sleep plus frequent night wakings


    You are absolutely not alone! Your baby is normal and needs those extra feeds. Sleep patterns change constantly in the first few years....
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