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    Re: Stop pumping at work

    I pump weaned before we totally weaned with not much trouble. I cut back from two times pumping during the day to one and then cut it out all together. I never had much problems with being engorged...
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    Re: Weight gain after weaning

    I was doing weight watchers when I was weaning. I have finally lost the weight I gained with the baby, but I think that had to do with weight watchers rather than weaning. I think the calorie thing...
  3. Temas: used pumps

    by AlexasMom

    Re: used pumps

    A friend gave me a Medela PIS that she had used with her kids. I bought new tubing and shields and had no problems. The people at the local breastfeeding store told me that it was fine. It saved...
  4. I think we might be done . . . a little sad

    I think that my DD and I might be done with our nursing journey at 14 months. She has not nursed since Saturday and has not shown any interest in doing it since. We went with the don't offer, don't...
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    Re: Attempting to wean

    I don't know if this will work for you, but we have been trying to start the weaning process with my DD and she is 13 months also. During the week, she is at daycare and they get her to sleep...
  6. We made it . . . but DH wants us done!

    My DD turned one on Saturday and we are still nursing. My husband is not happy about it. He threatened to cut her off cold turkey at a year, but I told him that is not happening. She is currently...
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    Re: So U Supplement With Formula And Why?

    My DD is 10 months old and has been in daycare since she was 4 months old. I have had to suppliment with formula since she was about 6 months old. I have never been able to pump enough to meet her...
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    Re: Pressure to Wean

    I am getting a lot of pressure from my DH about weaning at one year. He wants me to go cold turkey and just stop suddenly. I have told him that I don't think that she is going to be ready and have...
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    Re: Childhood Obesity Warning?

    My DD is 9 months old and we got a similar talking to yesterday at her doctor. She was 7/4 at birth and is now 20/4. The doctor did not measure her height, but said that she was at 95th for weight...
  10. Re: Question for Moms who are supplementing....

    My DD is almost 9 months old and I have not been able to pump enough for daycare for several months now. Most days she gets one or two bottles of formula and the rest breastmilk and breastfeeding. ...
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    Re: Is it worth pumping anymore?

    I am not PG. I use a Ameda Purely Yours double pump. Pumping is not painful, just frustrating. I have gone three hours this morning without pumping and now I am barely getting anything. My pee is...
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    Re: So afraid she wont love me as much...

    My DD is 8 months old and I went back to work when she was 4 months old. She has been in daycare as long now as we were home together. Whenever I come to see her or pick her up she is so excited to...
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    Is it worth pumping anymore?

    I am feeling really frustrated this week with my pumping. Starting last Friday, I have been only getting drops in the bottles when pumping. I have been drinking lots of water, eating oatmeal,...
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    Re: should you mash peas for a 14 month old?

    My DD is 8 months old and she loves to eat peas. We just give them to her whole and she picks them up and eats them. If she gets too much in her mouth, usually she will just cough it up. If your...
  15. Temas: Conflicted

    by AlexasMom

    Re: Conflicted

    My husband is the same way. My DD is 8 months old and he is always making comments saying that when she is a year he gets is breasts back. I know that I am not going to be ready to wean her at a...
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    Re: Monday Mornings

    I have the same problem. My dd is 8 months old and I pump 3 times a day for her monday-friday. I can only get about 5-6 ounces from those three sessions total, but on Mondays I am lucky to get...
  17. Re: Fussy baby.....Need help with Number 2's!

    My LC told me something that was very helpful when my DD seemed constipated. I would hold her facing out (I think they called it a chair position) and pull her knees up to her chest. This was...
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    8 month old suddenly refusing to sleep

    My dd turned 8 months last week and we seem to have hit a roadblock with her sleep. She has never slept through the night, but she was fairly easy to get down for a nap or bed at night. When she...
  19. Re: 10 months, need to suppliment breastmilk, which formula?

    I have been using the Nestle Good Start in the green can. She has been fine with it for the most part. I think that it tastes terrible, but as long as I don't try to feed her a bottle of it, she...
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    Pulling hair and nursing

    My DD is almost 8 months old and I have got to do something about the hair pulling. She loves to pull my hair while she nurses and when I put her down to sleep at night. I know that I should have...
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    Re: Lack Of Interest In Solids

    My DD is almost 8 months old and the same way. We have tried cereal, jarred food and BLW and she is not really interested in any of it. She also does not really want us to feed her anything right...
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    Re: Completely disapointed...

    I have a purely yours pump and have used the PIS and have found them to be comparable. I cannot produce that much with either pump, but I think that has more to do with me than the pump.

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    Dream Feed . . . Opinions Please

    My DD is 7 months old and loves to eat. She is going to sleep around 730 and then is waking around 1130-1230 to eat. I am considering getting her up at 10 when I go to bed and doing a dream feed to...
  24. Not interested in rice cereal . . . OK to skip?

    My DD is 7 months old and we have not had much luck with solids. The first week she would eat the rice cereal happily, especially if we mixed it with sweet potatoes. Then she got an ear infection...
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    More nursing = less supply?

    My DD is 7 months old and for the first time I feel like I am starting to lose the battle with supply. We just went on a weeklong trip and my supply has drastically declined. I work full time and I...
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