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    Re: Marital Relations

    I know how you feel though I just got mine back since we moved from Mississippi to Florida. But I'm not really weaning my son off yet, I've introduced him to solids and I'm not nursing as often so...
  2. Re: How can I not get mastitis again when dd is sleeping thru night?

    If you start feeling full and uncomfortable after the first couple of hours of your child sleeping then I say pump. My supply has really adjusted itself since my son has set himself a schedule...
  3. Re: Why do I take it so personally? Long vent :-(

    I know how you feel about the low milk supply, and it is VERY frustrating. I've been having problems trying to pump a good amount for my husband to feed our five week old when I'm gone to work at...
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    Re: water

    Ah okay, that makes sense thanks :)
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    I was in Kroger's ealrier and I saw the gallon of nursery water, so I was wondering when is the best time to introduce a baby to purified water?
  6. Re: Trouble sleeping and an old wives tale

    I found something in the LLL site that told me about growth spurts during this point in his life where he's going to be asking to feed more often to build up my supply. I don't doubt that because it...
  7. Trouble sleeping and an old wives tale

    There's a lot more to this problem, but I'm so tired that I can't really figure out how to word it without confusing people, so I'll just try to say this much. My husband and I are having trouble...
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