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    Re: un año!!!!!

    Hola ChisTine! Desde Buenos las saludamos Simona y yo. Como dicen aca, seguite felicitando por el maravilloso regalo que le haces a tu hijitA! Desde aca te apoyamos!
  2. Re: Tired of being groped while nursing boob-obsessed 2-year

    I got the idea that maybe she wants you to pay attention to HER....
  3. Re: help w/ sched nursing & pumping to maintain supply!

    H there! Sorry for the delayed answer...my LO isgoing through her first flu. :(
    About your questions: I usually pump more in the mornings, and used to get about 3,5 oz. Later at work, I usually get...
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    Re: Decremento en produccion de leche

    Seguro! Escribo breve porque me sostengo el extractor con la otra...;P
    Proba con domperidone o domperidona.En Argentina es de venta libre. A mi me paso, mi beba estuvo tomando mamadera de leche...
  5. help w/ sched nursing & pumping to maintain supply!

    Hi there!
    I have been relaxing a bit. My 8mo LO is thriving, but I have noticed a decrease in the production, that I want to stop right in the tracks. The thing is...I have also been nursing and...
  6. Help with nursing7pumping to boost supply after a drop!

    Hi there! I need to reorganize my sessions. My 8th months LO is thriving, yet I noticeda drop in supply these dys. She eays solids twice a day + nibbles, so i have lost count of my sessions. Isimply...
  7. Re: How many nursing sessions should my 7mnth have?

    I usually offer baby tittie before her solids. :gvibes
  8. How many nursing sessions should my 7mnth have?

    Hi...my LD is 7 months old. Her weight is 8,550 kg and wets 5 diapers aprox. She is extremely healthy, and has been gining weight since her 3rd week. She nurses while i am around, I lose...
  9. Re: Pumping less milk after long work Thursdays

    Hi there, mommal...I'll callyou Queenie :)
    Yes, the following day I work at home. During the morning I have time with my LO to frolick until 2 pm. That's when I have set times for my baby to nurse...
  10. Pumping less milk after long work Thursdays

    I am a singing teacher. I work two short days at a school. I pump once while there. I notice lower production after my long day t work when I pump twice( 7 hours, thst turn to 10 when I add...
  11. Re: Building stash and manual pump use question

    I have an electric national(I´m from Argentina) and a manual Avent. I still get more or less the same w/ both...or more with my manual. I this normal?
  12. Re: Should I substitute a nursing session for solids?

  13. Re: Should I substitute a nursing session for solids?

    I thought the same @lillmomma!
    But I respect my careproviders opinion in general, so I wanted to test this one out with you gals before I started... Simona is 6 months this coming Apri 24th, so...
  14. Should I substitute a nursing session for solids?

    My DD's pediatrician said two things that didn't sound right for me:
    1) "Start substituting one nursing session and give her solids.
    2)Her diner should always be at the same time.

    On (1), my...
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    Re: Problems w/ electric pump

    Hi there ! the brand is Argentine-Ilive in Buenos Aires-It's called Mammy's Milk. If that dosn't help. here are the pics. I use the simple one. Only One breast cup....
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    Problems w/ electric pump

    Hi, I m having trouble with a used e pump I just bought. It cannot be graduated. It hurts a bit. I have been usingprior to this a manual Avent, and got 125 ml in 30 minutes...With te e-pump I only...
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