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  1. Re: Daycare Worries.... T.T Success Stories??

    Hi there, I think you raise very valid concerns of any mother especially a breastfeeding mom! I have 2 kids and both were in daycare from 6 weeks old! it's rough cause they are so little and you...
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    Re: Pumping question

    hmmm...I would have a hard time relaxing in a bathroom too, especially if its the only one!! I pump in a closet that is used for direct tv modules! hahaha, so it's quite toasty in there, i thought...
  3. Re: Help with daycare provider clueless about breastmilk

    Thank you. She is mostly a great provider, we have had our challenges and times of frustration with some of her seemingly "airy" moments but overall I trust my kids in her home. I do feel that she...
  4. Re: Help with daycare provider clueless about breastmilk

    thank you, I had my DH print these out from work for me as we don't have a printer at home. I put them in LO daycare bag yesterday but forgot to mention it to her before i left. She said this morning...
  5. Help with daycare provider clueless about breastmilk

    Hi there, I am new to these boards but over the past several weeks i have visited often and lingered in teh shadows! Let me start with a short intro before diving in to my vent session! I have 2...
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