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  1. We are weaned, its official... age 3.5 : )

    :cry and :happytears and :sadwave

    First of all, thank you ALL for all of your support and the loving positive community here.

    I remember a few years ago when I first found this board. I was...
  2. Ben is 3! And still nursing!!

    We made it! To 3! (my (new) goal last year... sort of.. if he wanted to)
    He is starting to wean, last night nursed to sleep for the first time in 48 hours. And neither of us noticed he hadn't nursed...
  3. Re: my first nipple injury.... owwww!!!!!

    Thanks for your advice! It healed up nicely with no problems at all in a matter onf like 2 days. We are still nursing strong with no problems at all!
  4. my first nipple injury.... owwww!!!!!

    Last night my son was nursing in the middle of the night. I was half asleep. But was jolted awake to him clamping down on my nipple in his sleep. Yooowwsa!!!!! I couldn't get him to wake up and to...
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    Re: breastfeeding???

    You rock for your nursing him so long!!! Sounds like a great plan to me to just start offering him food when you/he wants to/it. My goal was always to wean so slow that we never noticed it. : )
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    Re: working mom questions

    I agree, you guys answered with what I was going to say!

    My son is 2. I still pump once while I am at work. I used to pump 3-4 times during my 12 hour shifts. I slowly dropped it back to one....
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    Re: 1 Yr check up. Need advice

    I like the idea of not getting the blood drawn but treating her as if she were anemic. 9.7 doesn't sound too far off the mark to me. If it were a 7 or an 8, I would have the blood drawn.
    Follow up...
  8. Anybody ever pumped milk for a friend?

    I have a coworker (another nurse I work with) who struggles with supply issues. We work 12 hr shifts and she is only able to pump about 5 oz per shift, and her daughter eats about 12 oz during the...
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    Re: What do they call it?

    Nuh Nuhs and it is always in question form. "NUHHNUHHS????"
    Or if demanding it... lol.. NUHNUH!NUHNUHNUHNUHNUH...." until he gets to nurse.

    He gets very excited about it. Ben? Do you want...
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    Re: wondering how this works

    I too, am a nurse that works 12 hr shifts. My son is 2 and we are still nursing. I agree with the other posts.. some days/periods he wants to nurse all the time, sometimes he goes long stretches...
  11. Re: 14 months old - don't want to pump w

    Hi! My son is 2 and I work 3 12 hour shifts a week. I still have not completely pump weaned. He drinks 1 or 2 cups of breastmilk a day while I am at work. I pump on my lunch break and maybe one...
  12. Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    You are not alone. I have a 25 month old who would be content to nurse 24/7. Its annoying : ) But I keep telling myself he is going to wean eventually and I will miss him wanting to snuggle with me...
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    Re: I need to wean my 2 yr old now!!

    Ugh. All I can say is you just described my life right now. I was hoping someone else had some advice. I don't think my situation is quite as bad as yours, buutt.. it isn't much better.
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    Re: System?

    Here's my system:
    (Like you, I pumped once a day in addition to just nursing my son to build up a freezer stash ever since my milk came in. So I had about a week supply when I went back to work at 5...
  15. Re: Traveling while pumping,breast feed

    i went on a 3 day trip when my son was 18 months, and pumped while i was gone. he nursed several times daily at that point. We picked up right where we left off upon return!!
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    Re: "Thats just too OLD!"

    If it makes you guys feel better, this lady doesn't come in contact with families much as she is usually holding babies whose family isnt there. And we do have a program here educating our staff...
  17. Re: rNo period and my baby is 9 months o

    Still no period here!
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    "Thats just too OLD!"

    So I at work in a NICU and we have older ladies that volunteer as "cuddlers" who come and hold babies that are fussy or whose families aren't here, or they comfort babies during procedures etc when...
  19. Re: 5 mo old pushes back while nursing


    In the five month zone she talks about distractability : )
  20. Re: Suppy Issue? Cow Protein Allergy? or

  21. Re: Suppy Issue? Cow Protein Allergy? or

    Let us know what the lactation consultant says... Im curious too. I don't think it could hurt to try going dairy free.. as long as you got plenty of calcium fats otherwise. Those are the only two...
  22. Re: 5 mo old pushes back while nursing

    Yeah my son did weird stuff like that too. Still does. Now it has progressed to trying to turn himself upside down lol. Its perfectly fine to tell them no, that hurts mommy and to teach them good...
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    Re: It Breaks My Heart....

    Agreed. Its bittersweet no matter what age they are. Just remember that you have done a fantastic job : )
  24. Re: 1 year old eating SO much...normal?

    My son is 2 and nurses about 4 times during the day and at night (to sleep, at 4-5 am, and again when wakes).
    He also eats snacks, full meals, and drinks a few sippys of water during the day. Sounds...
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    Re: Sedation for Wisdom Teeth

    Yay! As a NICU RN, we give all of those drugs to babies in my unit. They are very short acting. Sounds like you will have no prob nursing that night. Good luck with the wisdom teeth! I do not envy...
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