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    PIS vs. Freestyle?

    I am wondering what different people think of the Medela Pump in Style Advanced vs. the Medela Freestyle pumps. I am at the end of my pregnancy with my second child, and need to get a new pump. I had...
  2. Re: HELP! son's Dr. wants me to supplement with FORMULA

    In regards to your son eating quite a bit more than you thought he would at breakfast, let him lead the way. Don't ever feel like he might be eating too much. I have a daughter who's always been...
  3. Re: Is Coromega Fish Oil safe while breastfeeding?

    Omegas are actually excellent to take both while pregnant and while nursing. All of those omegas are great for your babies' brain development. As someone else mentioned, just be sure that the brand...
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    Re: Rescue Remedy?

    Are you using it for dd, or yourself? Sounds to me like you're looking to use it for yourself, as your the one having difficulty sleeping. I would definitely recommend giving it a try. It's very...
  5. Re: colicky?, fussy? teething? not sleeping! help!

    So glad you're finding the swaddling to work and seem to possibly be a solution. My dd just had to be swaddled all the time too. Eventually they're bound to dislike once they become more active and...
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    Re: Preventing Clogged Milk ducts??

    As several other people have said, be sure to pump often (maybe a little more when you feel one coming on), massage if you feel the need to, wear bras without underwire, and try to add in some...
  7. Re: Can I get some advice on soy lecithin

    hmm, maybe for some reason the side nursing doesn't work well for you. If that's when you noticed the plugs starting, then you might try stopping for a while and seeing if that makes a difference....
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    Re: Clogged milk duct?

    So sorry to hear about all the difficulties with clogged ducts, and ones that continue to recur. I would give the evening primrose a try, as the one doctor suggested. I have read that it can be used...
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    Re: acidophilus for babies

    If you're going to give your infant a probiotic, please make sure that it is one specially designed for infants. Babies do not have the same bacteria in their gut as what adults have. There are...
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    Re: nursing with a cold?

    Sorry to hear about the colds you're all getting. It's never fun when your baby is sick, especially the first time, and especially when they're so young. As everyone else mentioned, continuing to...
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    Re: echinacea

    When I was nursing I consulted my naturopath, and she said that it was safe to take echinacea and vitamin C while nursing. In fact, she also recommended giving the children's echinacea drops to my...
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    Re: Oscillococcinum?

    I think I would agree that it's probably best not to lump all homeopathic remedies into one group and assume they're all safe for nursing and pregnant mommies. However, I am sure that most probably...
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    Re: Sleep Aids and Breastfeeding

    I've not researched this adequately, but have you considered trying some more natural sleep supplements instead of just going with a prescription sleep aid? In the past I've liked Tranquil Sleep,...
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    Re: domperidone/fenugreek question

    I've never tried domperidone, so I can't comment on that one. But you could try to increase your dose of fenugreek, and make sure to drink plenty of water with it. I also notice now that dd is 12...
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    Re: Timing of fenugreek?

    Yes, I also agree that you can't really "time" fenugreek to kick in when you'd like it to. I would just take a lot of it (on the high end of the range that the bottle gives you). If I remember...
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    Re: Mommy & baby constantly sick

    I think that breastfeeding can help baby get fewer colds, and get over the ones he/she gets more quickly. One thing I swear by that's safe while breastfeeding is to take echinacea and zinc lozenges...
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    Re: teething tablets?

    I love the teething tablets as well. And for those of you concerned about the belladonna or the safety of them, I know that contrary to what most think, Hylands and Boiron are both homeopathic brands...
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    Re: Prenatal Vitamins and BF

    As an update to my earlier post, I've recently found a DHA supplement designed specifically for pregnant women. It's called Omega Mom, and appears to be a pretty good one. As I said before, I stay...
  19. Re: Going out of town and worried about milk supply...

    Ok, thanks so much!! I'm definitely going to try replacing membranes, and valves if that doesn't work.
  20. Re: Going out of town and worried about milk supply...

    I have a Medela Pump in Style (dual electric). Sorry not to mention that. I have NOT changed the valves or membranes! Now that you mention it, I remember having a spare set of membranes come with it....
  21. Going out of town and worried about milk supply...

    I am going out of town in a month for 5 days, without my dd who will be 11 months. I will of course bring my pump, but it is beginning to lose suction. I had purchased a buy protection plan for it,...
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    Re: zinc/vitamin c

    Vitamin C is safe for infants. I take it, along with echinacea when I feel something coming on, and give them both for my daughter as well. They're actually good for babies when fighting something,...
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    Re: catching a cold

    I agree with trying the Oscillococcinum. I've read that it's safe while pregnant and breastfeeding. It works pretty well if you're able to take it right at the onset of symptoms. If you take it too...
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    Re: Echinacea

    To also offer my own personal experience...I have taken it while bf with no problems. I actually also give echinacea to my dd, and have since she was a young infant (probably 3-4 months)..I give her...
  25. Re: Ok... acidophilius or grapefruit seed extract?

    Ok, I tend to think all of the options you have are very safe. I tend to err on the side of natural treatments...avoiding prescriptions whenever possible. But if you decide to use Diflucan, I'm sure...
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