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  1. Re: How do YOU handle not having support? -- A bit depressed...

    I'm glad you're feeling better & hopefully with coming days will be lots more drops :)

    I completely understand missing the Paxil--my DH says I'm a different woman if I miss a dose :p
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    Re: Buying Breast pump

    You might check the Medela website and see if there's a individual that sells the pumps in your area. I live in a rural area and was shocked to find out there was a retailer not 10 minutes from where...
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    Re: Paranoid mom

    My LC told she actually worked with a mom who's son when 14 days without a bm, which was completely normally, she said his growth during that time was a huge jump--his body was using everything he...
  4. Re: How do YOU handle not having support? -- A bit depressed...

    My entire extended family disagrees with my decision to breastfeed. When I am at relative's houses I am asked to go to another to nurse (although I am property covered). I started with this child...
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    Re: Refuses to BF

    My DS attemped to do the same thing after I returned to work at about the same age, my pediatrician was much more encouraging however one of the suggestions that I think helped the most was making...
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    Re: Gassy Baby

    Both of my boys trouble foods were tomato sauces and anything with the smallest amount of caffeine.

    With my youngest pushing his knees to his tummy and rotating his hips in a clockwise direction...
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