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    Re: Migraine meds...

    I was also recommended to take calcium/magnesium for my migraines during pregnancy and I've added those supplements to my daily multivitamin...It truly helps! I also agree with amy..I only get...
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    Re: Starting over!!!!! HELP

    Hard work and patience!

    Good luck, you can do it momma! I wish I knew more on the subject.
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    Re: 7 week old fussy

    This sounds completely off the wall...but my DD absolutely hates nursing in our living room.
    Maybe she just has too many distractions, although I've tried with the TV off and even with no one in...
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    Re: burping while breastfeeding

    Early on, before taming my OALD, my LO would suck in soo much air...sometimes she'd beat me to the punch and pause, burp, then continue eating, all while still attached to the breast!
    Now, if she...
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    Re: 1 week old not latching on

    You really are getting the best advice from these women! I had a c-section and initially had some issues with latching...I'm a larger breasted woman and the standard "football hold" really ticked off...
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    Re: just something funny

    My LO opens her mouth and turns her head all over the place as if she were trying to catch rain drops!
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    Re: diaper rash

    When my nephews were young, they'd get rashes sooo bad...After MANY trips to the pedi along with every conventional method from A&D to Balmex and Butt Paste, my neighbor, a dermatolagist, suggested a...
  8. Re: Cup feeding? Dropper feeding? A 3 MONTH OLD?!

    The sooner I can get her to take a bottle, the sooner I can return to college... I'm only 20. :-\
    I'm willing to pump up a STORM and I've been building quite a stash over the last month (to my...
  9. Cup feeding? Dropper feeding? A 3 MONTH OLD?!

    My daughter screams at the sight of a bottle...we've tried every nurser out there. Adiri, Dr. Browns, Drop-In's, BreastFlow, Soothie....SO MANY! Low flow, faster flow, silicone, latex... :(

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    Re: baby food storage

    Any suggestions on how long fruit/veggie purees are good for once frozen in an ice cube tray and placed in a zip-lock bag??

    My LO is too young for solids but I'm addicted to the local farmer's...
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    Re: Help! Baby won't take bottle

    I really really wish to get this question answered also!

    A thousand times bumped!!!
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    Re: Green/Watery Poo...?

    Hmm...I actually just realized that I started a new "color" from my first birth control pack...Might that be what's causing the yucky poop??

    My doctor put me on Ortho-Tri (the orig)...I mentioned...
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    Green/Watery Poo...?

    My little girl has ALWAYS been a healthy pooper with the normal yellow/seedy consistency until the beginning of the week...

    It started Monday; she began pooping more frequently, extremely gassy...
  14. Re: Returning to Work but my 3mo REFUSES ALL bottles!! HELP!

    Oh! That's something I haven't tried yet!

    I'll def try tonight before her bedtime...Thanks!!
  15. Re: Returning to Work but my 3mo REFUSES ALL bottles!! HELP!

    She isn't too young for a sippy cup?

    Seems like all the children mentioned in that thread were much older, nearly a year.

    :( my boobies need a break!
  16. Re: Returning to Work but my 3mo REFUSES ALL bottles!! HELP!

    Hmm...I haven't thought about trying a sippy...

    And, I wouldn't even know what kind to get!!
  17. Returning to Work but my 3mo REFUSES ALL bottles!! HELP!

    My 3 month old daughter has been exclusively breastfed since birth, with the exception of less than 10 bottles when family has babysat in the past.

    This last Friday night I left her with my...
  18. Re: Advice on Birth Control Methods While BF

    Thanks to all the replies!

    I'll def talk with my doctor about the copper IUD...I have a latex allergy, so unless I want to splurge on the "expensive" condoms until I'm done with BF, it really...
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    Re: Night Sweats

    Oh man, my first week home was horrrrrible, especially with a sleeping baby on my chest... I'm glad the night sweats are gone!
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    Re: Sore areola

    I experienced the same thing the first few weeks...My LC claimed it was the "60 Second Sting" and was purely based on my sensative skin as the latch/position was a-okay
  21. Re: Which Bottles are best for BF babies...

    My LO rejects ALL bottles/nipples that aren't Soothies...It makes sense--if she doesn't have ME as her paci (like if she's in the car seat), we use the hospital provided Soothie brand pacifier, it's...
  22. Advice on Birth Control Methods While BF

    We're first time parents and want to keep it that way for a WHILE... the little one is now a month old and it's about time I think about what form of long-term birth control I'll be using...(And the...
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    3 week old spits up...A LOT...

    I have a feeling that it may be because of my OALD...My daughter feeds every hour or so like normal, has fine diaper output (although has had less frequent BMs since her spit-up has increased) and...
  24. ...I can't seem to master the side-laying postion!

    While in the hospital the LC's had me try the football hold due to my larger breast size...after coming home and being in sooo much pain (ready to give up!) I was curious and began feeding with the...
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    Re: Left breast stopped producing

    I'm having the SAME problem and the same side!

    I've been feeding my LO starting with the left for the last 3 days, trying to up the supply in that breast...every feed, like clockwork, she'll only...
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