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    Re: Needing a refresher please!

    Thanks Ladies! I had my DD's 6 month well check today and was re-assured the same thing. I feed DD on demand and she typically goes 3-3.5 hours between feedings with no night time feeding. She...
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    Needing a refresher please!

    I haven't done this in over 2 years and my mind has gone blank!

    When do you give more than 1 solid a day?
    When do you increase the amount of a solid (like at dinner from 1 oz to 2 oz)?
    When do...
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    Re: RSV and nursing - HELP!

    I'm a SAHM, I also have a medela pump in style advance. DD sleeps allot so I offer whenever she's awake. The in law's felt they were OK to come in town unannounced and that's keeping me more...
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    RSV and nursing - HELP!

    My 6 mo old DD was admitted into the hospital Tuesday for RSV. She had gotten sick last Thursday and is barely eating. We got discharged from the hospital today and I cannot get her to eat more...
  5. Is there such a thing as too much weight gain??

    DD was born 8-7-13 at 8 lb and at her 2 month appointment she was already 13 and at home the other day we weighed her for curiosity sake and she's already 20lbs. She is EBF, has Reflux but is on...
  6. Desperate! PLEASE HELP! No idea whats going on/how to help!

    DD is 4 days shy of 3 months old. We've had latch issues in the past, reflux, congestion and gas. She is crying at least 2x a day when I try to nurse, she eats for about 3 minutes on average per...
  7. Whey Protein Powder - Is there a reason it says to not use?

    I was going to make myself another protein shake this morning like I have been for a while and was just reading the label to read and never noticed there's a warning label to not use when pregnant or...
  8. 10 wk old DD not nursing well...why?

    Here lately, dd hasn't been nursing well, I'm lucky if she nurses on one side. She cries, and sometimes latches on, and sometimes we have to try again 30 minutes to a hour later. Sometimes she will...
  9. Re: Spitting up a lot suddenly & watery stools - thoughts???

    I tried reclining but couldn't get comfortable with it, especially when I was trying to get DD to get a better latch but I'm thinking now in a few days since I'll be at home I might experiment more,...
  10. Re: Spitting up a lot suddenly & watery stools - thoughts???

    The whole burping thing has me wondering if it's normal for it to be hard for her to burp because she arches her back, shifts from side to side and sometimes whines-screams until it comes out. I do...
  11. Spitting up a lot suddenly & watery stools - thoughts???

    Hey ladies,
    Question, my DD is 9 weeks old, here lately, she's been spitting up a lot. I seem to be pumping a decent amount at work and in 3 days, I will be a full time SAHM and exclusively BFing....
  12. HELP! Can one day of bad pumping affect milk supply??

    I forgot my horns and am trying to improvise for 3 sessions, will my supply get affected??
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    Re: Can you over feed baby?

    Thanks ladies, I was worried because nursing is to empty the breast more than the pump and she's been spitting up more and has been gassy so I thought too much milk but I feel better now!
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    Can you over feed baby?

    I know this is a silly question because you're not supposed to be able to over feed but I've been exclusively nursing after some issues with nipple pain and today I'm back at work after my maternity...
  15. Re: EPing, waiting for nipple to heal, no progress - - HELP!

    Hopefully I can get answers Thursday when I meet with a LC, thankfully, my OB is in the same building so if I need a culture, hopefully they can squeeze me in. I have been using my APNC since we got...
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    Re: Tips and Tricks for Shallow Latch?

    I'll check out the links when my oldest DD is asleep for nap so thanks everyone for some starting tips!
  17. Re: EPing, waiting for nipple to heal, no progress - - HELP!

    DD had her 1 mo. apt today and there was no sign of thrush in the mouth - not sure where all it could show but the Dr didn't say anything and she's aware of the issues we're having. Apparently, now...
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    Tips and Tricks for Shallow Latch?

    What are some ways to get baby to open mouth nice and wide? I've tried when DD is starving, before she's starving, I've tried "teasing" w/ the nipple and she still won't open wide. I've tried...
  19. Re: EPing, waiting for nipple to heal, no progress - - HELP!

    I saw a LC in the hospital and she stated I was doing everything right, getting my DD latched on and positioning and everything, I've spoken with 2 different LC on the phone and told them exactly...
  20. EPing, waiting for nipple to heal, no progress - - HELP!

    I have a 1 month old DD and due to a very poor latch/clicking of the tongue, both of my nipples are raw. One is healing very nicely but the other one is not getting any better. I've been EPing since...
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    Tips for 2nd time mom-to-be?

    Anyone have advice for a mom-2-be again? I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my second DD and wasn't sure if there's anything different to know, like does the milk come in sooner or still a few days later,...
  22. Re: How long before you dry up? Plugged ducts....

    I sadly spent most of my time at the pump and was only able to breastfeed on weekends and before bedtime on weeknights. I have so much frozen milk in our deep freeze that my daughter can probably...
  23. How long before you dry up? Plugged ducts....

    How long will it take to dry up? I stopped nursing all together not quite a week ago. I was just full after not nursing for a day and a half and I thought that was a "good" sign that it was time...
  24. Re: No period, should I be worried? (plus milk-donate or use

    Thanks ladies!
  25. Re: No period, should I be worried? (plus milk-donate or use

    All of the frozen milk has been kept in the deep freeze and oldest has been used first, I think the oldest left might be from December? So just prolong whole milk as a filler and just keep giving...
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