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  1. Re: Cow's Milk: Necessary or Optional?

    I gave DD cow's milk after 2 yrs because she nursed so often. We eat a lot of cheese in our house, though and I gave her water to drink in addition to nursing.
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    Re: Goats Milk

    Dr Jack Newman says it's fine to give babies milk from a different species if they are on a variety of solids. At 10.5 mos, I'd feel comfortable giving a couple oz of goat's milk. I'm not a fan of...
  3. Re: inducing lacatation for toddler when pregnant

    I agree I do not think it's wise to re-lactate while pregnant. If you want to offer your toddler milk when new baby comes that might be the easiest. Can he latch on? There are lots of other bonding...
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    Re: Is return of AF imminent for me?

    Or maybe ovulation spotting? I had some pinkish a few days ago with cramping and I wonder if I might have ovulated. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks.
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    Re: Weaning and Fertility

    B vitamins lower estrogen, not increase progesterone, so really it wouldn't be helpful even if you did have a luteal phase issue.
  6. Re: Two week old twins-EBF is tough...pumping for relief?

    You sound like you're in way too much pain. Nursing really shouldn't hurt. What have the LCs told you or done for you? Have they helped them latch better?

    I would not give up yet. I am...
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    Re: How to obtain Domperidone

    Sorry, Karen, I thought it might help Dr Newman from getting too many requests but he doesn't mind.
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    Re: HELP!? The spotting wont quit

    I don't think the pelvic exam would tell you what you need to know. Blood work might or an ultrasound.
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    Re: How to obtain Domperidone

    Dr Newman will give you the name of an online pharmacy, I'm trying to remember the name but it's not too expensive and it's under the name Vomistop.

    is the link he gives, I don't know if that's OK...
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    Re: breastfeeding can be hard...

    I had twins in NICU 13 days and the first 10 weeks were really hard, then they got good at milk removal. I had a singleton with had numerous issues the first yr and we went on to have a great...
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    Re: solid starting q's

    I give sips of water in a mug when they eat quite a few solids, for one, because my babies can get a little constipated without it, and also I think it's fine for electrolytes if they're already...
  12. Re: How much should i feed my 9 mo - 12mo old baby

    I am just confused how you will have extra to freeze suddenly, you know what I mean?
  13. Re: How much should i feed my 9 mo - 12mo old baby

    Really hard to tell because he could be into solids by then or not. Probably 2-3 oz a feeding, but that depends on how often they feed, too. So he's not at daycare now? How much is he nursing now?...
  14. Re: Toddler wants more milk than I have

    I think your little girl will kind of have to learn that she can nurse and get some milk and lots of mommy comfort but not tons of milk any more. It's OK for her to be eating more solids to fill...
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    Re: Emergency Formula

    I'd still say your child is not consuming formula. Give them another bag of milk if they need it. There are reasons some babies are never given formula and life long increased allergies and other...
  16. Re: I know my storage bags aren't leaking!! I'm losing my mi

    Are you measuring on different containers? Some bottles measurements are off.
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    Re: Emergency Formula

    My babies were never in day care but even my NICU was a few minutes away and they knew they could call if they ran out of milk in the middle of the night. I wouldn't give them formula and tell them...
  18. Re: Need help with supply and twins! Scared to supplement

    My twins are 8 mos and yeah you're doing awesome! I had to supplement with donor milk from the start in NICU and still worry about supply. Anyway, I don't know if it sounds like you have a huge...
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    Re: One year and counting :)

    Happy birthday Ethan!
  20. Re: WE DID IT! 1 year of exclusive breast milk

    Congratulations!!! Happy birthday to your babies, too. I would consider cutting down how long you pump at a session, too.. 12 min vs 15...
  21. Re: 8 month old frequent nurser & "failure to thrive"

    It's not really co-dependent. I mean, co-dependency is an actual problem where somebody needs to be needed and it's a psychologically unhealthy relationship. Your baby needs you. I fall asleep with...
  22. Re: 8 month old frequent nurser & "failure to thrive"

    Are you basically concerned that she won't sleep without you? It sounds normal to me and if you've had wt gain issues I'd keep nursing during the night as much as possible. My twins are 8 mos and...
  23. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    Well, he can ask but you don't have to wean regardless...

    I've been using a lactation aid for 7 mos now, which is why I suggested it or at least feel comfortable bringing it up since I do know...
  24. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    Just a thought, but have you considered topping off at breast with a lactation aid vs bottle since bottles can mess up latch?
  25. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    I'd keep offering the solids. I'd add olive oil to everything, prunes, carrots, anything can get drowned in olive oil. I got 12 oz in 2 weeks on one of my twins who didn't gain in a month that way....
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