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  1. Re: Anything to increase lowered supply after mastitis???

    I think you are doing all the right things:clap...just keep at it. With my first baby I had low milk supply issues and nothing seemed to help. With the second baby, I had oversupply and had plugged...
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    Re: Sore breast but no lump..

    Firmly pressing the hard area clockwise and then anti clockwise helped me.
  3. Re: Soreness of breast tissue or Thrush?

    Thank you ladies. Appreciate your helpful answers. I had my appointment with the breast specialist and she said that the muscles in the breast have thickened (causing tenderness) as a result of...
  4. Re: Soreness of breast tissue or Thrush?

    I have almost weaned her off :( I get a little over an ounce in 24 hours when I pump. That's what making me doubt that it's a plugged duct since there is hardly any milk left. I do take hot showers...
  5. Re: Soreness of breast tissue or Thrush?

    Thank you for your response. How were you able to resolve your problem?

    For the ladies on the forum who have had yeast infection, does it hurt in the entire breast or it can hurt only in...
  6. Soreness of breast tissue or Thrush?

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first time posting on this forum but I have "read" through this forum many times to find answers for many BF problems. I am posting today because I have had an issue...
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