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    Re: How do I wean my 6mo old?

    Haven't done this, my son's 2 1/2 years and nurses to sleep. However, when I weaned myself from pumping I dropped one minute a session. I pumped for 15 minutes 3 times a day. I gradually cut down...
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    Re: How often should I pump at work?

    I pumped 3 times a day at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. when I was pumping. As for daycare, I would educate them in how to give a baby a bottle. The bottle should be held horizonally when feeding them...
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    Re: Baby won't open mouth

    A suggestion from a class I took at the LLL Michigan conference. Make sure you are pressing baby's chin to the breast before you try latching baby on. It is supposed to signal baby to open wide....
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    Re: New job- any suggestions?

    I would definately check out the previous posts first but to answer your questions

    Will I lose my milk supply if I'm only able to pump once during a 9 hour work day??You wouldn't necessarily loose...
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    Re: thinking of exclusively pumping...

    Just to give you some encouragement, I wanted to tell you my story. My son would not nurse for the first 6 weeks. He nursed about twice a week for the first 6 weeks. What I ended up doing is try to...
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    Re: Open Space Office, where will i pump??!

    Does your company have a first aid room? At my company, I was able to pump in the room they used as a first aid room.
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    Re: Help! Can't achieve "let-down" to pump!

    Try relaxing and reading. If your husband can take the baby and you can watch tv or read a book or something that may help. If you are stressing about your milk supply you usually get less. At least...
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    Re: Separation Anxiety

    Just thought I'd let you know I feel for you. I'm going through something very similar. My son is 11 months old and for the past 4 days or so he's started crying the minute I leave. I usually just...
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    Re: Pumping Both Sides At Once?

    I sit with one leg crossed and the bottles sit on that leg with my left arm sitting across the top of the sheilds. It leaves my right arm to turn it on, adjust anything or turn the pages of a book. I...
  10. Re: How long do I have to keep doing this?

    I just rinse out the parts at work and put them in the Medela Sterilizing bag that goes in the microwave. It only takes a minute and a half and the parts are sterile. It seems to work just fine and...
  11. Re: Pumping Confusiong and Going Back to Work

    Don't worry too much about how much your pumping. The more you worry the less you are going to get. I've found that my milk supply can fluctuate wildly. You will have enough to feed your baby. I...
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    Re: Going back to work at 10 mos.

    Just to offer an opinion.
    Even when they start going to daycare at a younger age (4 mos) they can still get separation anxiety. My son is now 11 months and he sometimes gets upset when I drop him...
  13. Temas: bonding

    by hcary48101

    Re: bonding

    Just a word of encouragement. My son in now 11 months old and he didn't start getting really excited when I came home from work until may 3-4 months ago. I would just give it time. I don't think your...
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    Re: Baby Stopped BF at 6mos. WHY?

    Could be an ear infection as well? Some babies don't show the obvious symptoms but will lose their appetite. My son would not nurse as much when he gets an ear infection (or when he's teething). You...
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    Re: Sleep-deprived working mom needs to vent

    I know some mother's are against but does your baby sleep in a crib in another room or are you co-sleeping. For awhile after going to work I co-slept and it helped. Now we're trying to phase him into...
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    Re: Mesh feeder thingies

    My son loves them. I usually will put fruit slices or grapes. They are nice for eating out too. I got the salad bar and put some peas in it and a slice of peach. I usually just run it through the...
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    Re: organic: gerber vs. earth's best

    Not to scare anyone because I actually buy the Gerber Organic but a lot of the larger companies that have gone organic do take shortcuts. If you are really concerned you can go to some of the Organic...
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    Re: pump in style pump

    I have the original PIS. I would try using different speeds and suction. I usually have the suction at about half and vary the speed. I leave it on 1 until the flow gets going and then step it up to...
  19. Re: What do all you working mamas do for a living?

    Just to thrown my 2 cents.
    I have a BA in journalism that I'm using oh, so well. I work for a mortgage lender collecting missing paperwork and correcting errors on documents. Not very exciting but...
  20. Re: Do I have to wash my pump parts after EVERY pumping???

    I don't usually wash mine between pumping. I run water through them when I finished and then use the Medela Microwave Sterilization bags. Haven't really run into any problems with it. I usually run...
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    Re: NY Times article on pumping at work

    Thank you for posting the article. I found it very enlightening. Fortunately I haven't had much in the way of barriers to pumping at work. My biggest hastle is that I have to go find a security guard...
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    Re: Nursery Water

    I would say go ahead and give him watermelon to try. Not that you would, but don't leave your baby unattended with it. Now that my son has 2 top teeth & 2 bottom teeth he bits off enough to choke on,...
  23. Re: Need some clear answers about storing..thanks!

    First Years makes a container expressly for storing milk in plastic bags. The come in a box of 2. I have one in the freezer and then one that I take back and forth to day care. They don't take up a...
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    Re: Breast Pumps

    Do you have health insurance? I've heard from my local LaLeche League meetings that a lot of health insurance is covering the costs of buying a beast pump. I'm not sure how it works but it's worth...
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    Re: finger foods?

    I bought the safe feeder for my son (he's 9 mo now) and he's loved it. It makes eating out (and even at home) a lot easier. When I went out to eat a few weeks ago, I got the salad bar and put some...
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