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    Re: mesh feeders?

    my 8 month old dd absolutely loves her!! she gets excited as soon as she see it. never thought to put banana it, tho. dd loves mango, apple, peaches, blueberries, and grapes. she just got her 1st 2...
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    Re: cereal in bottle

    another to seriously think about if you and your significant other have allergies: when you introduce solids so early, it increases the risk your baby might be allergic too i know a lot of people...
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    Re: I am sooo confused!!! Help;)

    try to remember every child is different. my oldest dd, ate everything i gave her. i think i started solids arounds 5 1/2 months. her brother on the other hand, was a different story. i started about...
  4. Not the way we do it anymore?!?

    when my dd#2 was born i figured i was an old pro at bf'ing, having nursed dd#1 for 11 months and ds over 2 years. i remember sitting in the bed the next morning barely 12hrs after she was born,...
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    Re: baby food

    depending on the source, there are different guidelines. talk about confusing. i was looking at one source that said cereals, then meat (of all things!), veggies, then fruit. not sure i agree with...
  6. Re: Should I skip cereal and go straight for veggies?

    i forgot to mention, just keep offering foods every day. if your lo refuses, go with it. don't make a big deal out of it. eventually your lo will get the hang of it!
  7. Re: Should I skip cereal and go straight for veggies?

    my friend is from germany, and followed the order of foods according to her homeland, as she happened to be home for a visit when she started her dd on solids. they start with orange/yellow veggies...
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    Re: Just curious, a thought...

    i feel very lucky that my partner is very happy with my nursing. hanna is his only child. (i nursed my older 2: emma for 11 months, and liam for over 2 years.)i hadn't realized just how on board he...
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    Re: how long did you nurse

    my 1st DD, i only nursed for 11 months, as i mentioned in other posts as i was 5 months PG with DS. i wish i had been stronger to stand up for my self and her with my ex's family, as they were not...
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    Re: Help for a friend

    my youngest had jaudice, and lost 3/4's of a lb. she was also sleepy. i had to strip her off, but 1st, b4 i started her feeding, i would change her. changing her b4 hand seemed to help wake her up....
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    Re: taking baby out

    when it comes to breastfeeding, i have always fed where ever, when ever. feed in the sling, or just cover up. i am nursing my 3rd baby, so it is old hat even tho it has been awhile. my older two are...
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    Re: Fussy baby

    introducing a pacifier does not necessarily mean that your baby will become less interested in nursing. that being said, it is better to wait until nursing is fully established b4 introducing either...
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