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    Re: I'm ready to be done

    I'm having the exact same issues! my son is 19 months old and i just feel... done. i feel bad about it because i know its good for him and i feel guilty for wanting to take it away. i never get a...
  2. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler wh

    im glad someone else nipples are as pliable!!
  3. what to give DS on his 1st B-day! he only eats purees.

    DH is mad that im not giving DS cake on his birthday, but he doesnt eat anything but organic baby mush. Does anyone have a recipe for a mushy cake that won't make my DS gag? Every time he gets solid...
  4. Re: Relactation after 4 months - Am I nuts?

    :clap I am so happy that you are giving it another go! It is such a wonderful bond to share with your child, every mother should have the opportunity to experience it. Way to go!! :clap and good luck...
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    First tooth question

    Hi mommies :o Julian is 9 months old and has just cut his first tooth! Just a little bit of it is sticking out of his gums, a little sharp white bit of tooth! I am so proud :clap How long does it...
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    I had this problem along with thrush when DS was a few weeks old, I remember crying while he latched and for the first few minutes of sucking because it hurt so much, I was beginning to dread...
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    Re: Throwing a fit at my breast

    I had this problem at this age too, turns out my LO had thrush in his cheek! I couldn't even see it but sure enough when i started him on the medicine he stopped fussing at the breast. :goodluck
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    Re: 9 months old and HATES food.

    Thanks mamas! I guess I should spend more time talking to people who share my beliefs about babies! I feel better already!:hug
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    9 months old and HATES food.

    The first time I gave Julian solid food was in February, he was nearly 7 months old. I gave him pureed bananas that I made with the BabyBullet and although he didn't really seem to enjoy the taste...
  10. Re: Help!! Is my supply drying up?

    thanks so much!
  11. Re: Help!! Is my supply drying up?

    he used to have one or two poopy diapers each day but last month he had his first banana and didnt poop for four days! so i never gave him any more solids and we went right back to BFing full time....
  12. Help!! Is my supply drying up?

    My 7 month old has had a really bad cold for the past week and although he ate less frequently for the first few days, he is back on his normal schedule. Unfortunately, my right breast is barely...
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