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    Re: No poop in 5 days?

    Thanks!! Yes, I keep packing extra clothes when I go out just in case!
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    No poop in 5 days?

    My baby is 5 months old and is only on breastmilk. No poop in five days? I'm calling the pedi now and leaving a message. Anyone else experience this?
  3. Re: Should I introduce formula? Traveling to another countr

    Thanks so much for the kind words!!! You are awesome. My plan is to of course nurse and keep him on all breastmilk. For the trip I will just bring a can of the formula I would want as a just in...
  4. Re: Teething and increased appetite?

    yes, i experienced this with both my girls andnow my son too. it is more for the comfort in sucking/oral stimulation that they want. (or at least that was my experience) A teether helped out after...
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    Re: Baby won't take bottle

    Have you tried warming the milk? My DD#2 would only take it very warm. Also, she only liked the brown latex nipples from playtex. sge refused anything silicone. hth!
  6. Should I introduce formula? Traveling to another country

    This is my third child. DD#1 was nursed and supplemented due to a bad start to nursing, DD#2 was given little to no formula (only when she was watched and I didnt have time to pump). Now with DS,...
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