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  1. Long time between let downs then supper OALD with pain?

    This has been very informative for me. I have been experiencing OALD since my milk came in and haven't had any info about how to control it. We ended up in the ER once when my LO was 3weeks due to a...
  2. Re: Best bottle to use with breastfeeding???

    We supplement a few times daily and have found that the playtex drop-in system causes the least amount of confusion for our LO. http://www.playtexmommyville.ca/Bottles/Dropins.aspx It does cost a...
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    Re: 8-week old crying for hours

    Thanks for posting this question. My baby is 8 weeks also and we have nights that are the exact same way, and I also have a daughter that I need to drop off and pick up from school so sleeping when...
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