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  1. Gradual Weaning is Not Going Well

    I was hoping to gradually wean my 14 months old twins, but my original game plan failed. I work two days a week, and would leave three bottles each with the nanny. I could no longer keep up with...
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    Re: Thrush - The Saga Continues!

    I battled Thrush for months. Both the babies and I took everything under the sun. The Diflucan worked for me, but not my boys. Finally I used GV. It took two rounds, but if finally cleared the...
  3. Re: Will pumping more at work affect what LO is getting at home?

    When I started the morning pumping, the first couple of times I did not get much, but my supply built over time. When I switched to the evenings it was not an issue since my body was already making...
  4. Re: Will pumping more at work affect what LO is getting at home?

    I work two days a week and can no longer pump enough to meet what my boys get while I am away. They get six bottles, each about 6 oz, between the two of them and I am only able to pump 24 oz while...
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    Re: When to switch nipples

    Thanks! That makes perfect sense to me.
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    When to switch nipples

    I have 5 month old twin boys that get bottles periodically, including the two days a week I work. Originally I was using level one nuk nipples with Dr. Browns bottles. Now they get a mix of nuk...
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    Re: Not pumping enough

    Anyone? I am getting concerned because I am only able to pump three ounces from my left side. Today four hours passed between pumping sessions and I still only got three oz on the left and four on...
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    Not pumping enough

    My 4.5 month old twin boys have been EBF since birthday. I returned to work part time in the beginning of April. Everything was going good, I pumped 3 times while I was at work and got 8 oz each...
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    Re: How to keep milk - 4 day trip

    I can't help you with transporting the milk. With regards to building supply, I started pumping each morning after I fed my babies. I could usually get a couple ounces each time. That went straight...
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    Re: How do you use Gentian Violet?

    You will probably have to have your pharmacy order it because most places don't stock it. We have used it a couple of times for our twin boys. It was the only thing to clear the Thrush. We diluted...
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    Re: Scalding for thrush

    How long after I scaled the milk will it be good in the fridge? I need to leave bottles for the nanny while I am at work.

  12. Re: milk coming out of his nose........

    I tandum feed my twins on the EZ twin pillow, so they are almost always lying on their side. My one son has milk come out of his nose pretty regularly. Usually it helps him clear out any congestion...
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    Scalding for thrush

    I need to use milk that I stored while my babies and I were being treated for thrush. Does anyone know what temperature it needs to be heated to in order to kill any thrush that might be there? How...
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    Refusing to nurse

    One of my 4 month old twins is refusing to nurse. First it all started with getting fussy when tandom nursing. The he began refusing to nurse on the tandum pillow. Now he will not nurse at all. ...
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