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    Re: making it work...

    Wow, mama! You've been through it all!

    As a working mom who has upped her supply more than once, you can totally maintain your supply while working. Pumping at the same times every day will...
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    Re: Milk supply not coming in?

    What a rough start! You're doing an awesome job, mama.

    My thought is that she's growing so much right now that she is trying to increase your supply by nursing a lot. My advice is to let her...
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    Cortisone Shot & Supply

    I went to the doctor yesterday for a severe upper respiratory infection and got a cortisone shot to reduce the inflammation in my sinuses. Since then, my supply seems to be a lot lower. Has anyone...
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    Re: How Often To Pump Again?

    When I went back to work, I only pumped when I "felt full". IDIOT! My supply dropped within a couple of weeks and then I had to FIGHT to get it back (added a session during the day and pumped...
  5. Re: AF supply dip - Supplements not working

    Aww thanks! You gave me a reality check that I AM asking a lot from my body. If I can pump 20oz- I wonder how much I actually make!

    I'm trying very hard not to stress, especially knowing I have...
  6. Re: AF supply dip - Supplements not working

    Thanks... I'll go there at a last resort. I have a freezer stash that I can dip into if I have to- I just don't want to have to, you know? I want my body to BEHAVE!
  7. Re: AF supply dip - Supplements not working

    Thanks for the total B tip... I'll try anything at this point. I've never had PMS too bad and used to have pretty easy periods (3-5 days), but these first two pp have been super heavy. What dosage...
  8. Re: AF supply dip - Supplements not working

    Thanks so much for your reply.

    I won't disagree that 20oz is a lot (my boobs can't argue either) and I know he drinks less on the weekends, but it's what works for us. When I was taking less in...
  9. AF supply dip - Supplements not working

    I'm at my wits end. :shrug

    I started taking calcium/magnesium after last AF to try and combat another dip, but here we are again. They don't seem to be working at all. I've had two pp af's and...
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