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  1. Pedi is "meh" about nursing past 1 year

    DS had his 1 year pediatrician appointment yesterday. He asked if DS had been transitioned to whole cow's milk yet. I said "no", that he still nurses and gets a bottle of BM while I'm at work and I...
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    Re: Will DS love BF again soon?

    This is my son exactly (other than that he eats lots of solids and LOVES his solid foods. So much so, that he won't nurse, but then immediately after I try to nurse him, he'll eat his dinner.)
  3. Re: Extended BFing - work full-time - he

    Thanks for the encouragement ladies.
  4. Re: Nursing beyond 12m - when/if give WC

    Thanks ladies for responding.
    Since I work full-time I will not be able to nurse DS 4 times a day. Since I don't see him before he wakes up, I will only be able to nurse him M-F around 5:00 and...
  5. Nursing beyond 12m - when/if give WCM?

    Working moms that extended BF'd beyond 12 months - when did you introduce WCM (if at all)?

    DS will be 1 year old in a week and he currently gets two bottles of about 5-6 oz each at home with DH...
  6. Re: Extended BFing - work full-time - he

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    So I won't need to pump in the mornings M-F before work (or even at work) to help my supply (since I will want to nurse on demand on the weekends)?
  7. Extended BFing - work full-time - help

    I want to nurse DS until he's at least 18 months to 24 months. But I'm a full-time working mom. My DH is a stay at home dad. And I don't see my son in the mornings before I leave for work.

  8. Re: Help - can't keep up with DS's needs

    Thanks for the encouragement!!!

    Is 7-9 oz of total BM pumped in four sessions, actually good? That's only enough for 1-1.5 bottle for DS while I'm gone.
  9. Re: Help - can't keep up with DS's needs

    1.5oz times the 9.5 hours that I'm gone (7:30 am - 5:00pm) = 13.5 oz, which is about what DS takes in while I'm gone (in two bottles). If it were just 1 oz per 9.5 hours, then he should eat 9.5 oz...
  10. Re: Help - can't keep up with DS's needs

    You confirmed that DS does eat a lot of BM from bottles. I've been telling DH that maybe we need to try his afternoon milk from a sippy cup (which he has to work at some), so that he doesn't just...
  11. Help - can't keep up with DS's needs!

    Sorry that this is long, I just need to vent.

    I am a full-time working mom who's DH is a SAHD. DS is 10.5 months old and I plan to BF until at least 18 months, and then we'll go from there.
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