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    Re: How to portion in freezer

    I agree with Jenna. I also made smaller bags of only 2 oz each. FWIW, I don't know how you are freezing the bags, but I froze mine laying flat down. It saves room.
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    Re: Poor Lip seal/Weak Suck

    What size nipple are you offering on her bottles at DCP? I'm wondering if they are more than a newborn/slow flow and causing your baby to want milk quicker. Breastfed babies should stay on newborn...
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    Re: Stop switching sides!

    It's a good time to start teaching nursing manners. It's really ok at this age. I would just only offer one and say, "Nope. Finish here and then you can have the other." I wouldn't allow this if it...
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    Re: best manual hand pump?

    And by contrast, if I had to use a manual handpump I think I'd die. My favorite manual handpump is a double electric. ;)
  5. Re: pumping in sync with baby's feeding time.

    The amount you are pumping sounds average.

    The rule of thumb is that a mom needs to leave 1-1.5 oz of expressed milk for every hour she's gone. HTH
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    Re: I don't think I can do this anymore

    Pumping at work isn't easy, but it can be done. BTDT. You can, too.

    I second the tablet or do you have a laptop you can bring with you? Is there a nearby empty open office you can use to pump? Why...
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    Re: Construction Site?

    When I had to pump in my car, I'd set up those window shades like MommaL suggested. I also had a hands-free kit to help me relax. I also used to play on my phone, read a book and turn on the music/AC...
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    Re: burning...

    :ita with JoEllen. Burning makes me think thrush.
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    Re: Baby is a gymnast at the breast

    A quiet place can also help. It's normal.
  10. Re: pumping and not sure how much milk i should be getting

    I am no expert, but I don't think 14 oz is enough for a 24 hour period for an EP'er. Are you supplementing? How are wets and dirty diapers?

    I second the IBCLC, as soon as humanly possible.
  11. Re: Amount of milk and nipple size of bottle

    Hi, mama!

    Here's some useful info on bottlefeeding. You can even print that out for your DCP.

    I think you are right to be concerned about your DCP asking you to increase milk amount and nipple...
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    Re: What do feed a baby with thrush?

    I never changed my daughter's diet when she was a toddler with thrush (around 18 months old or so). She wasn't eating many solids. It's true that sugars can fuel the yeast growth. However, I found...
  13. Re: safe teething pain relief for 3 month old?

    My daughter started teething early, too. It's such a bummer, isn't it? I made breastmilk ice cubes that I put in a mesh feeder. Hylands teething tablets were my best friend. I also wish I had just...
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    Re: Moisturizers safe?

    I totally understand the desire to find something natural. I think that's up to each individual person. However, generally speaking I don't think there's any major risk to using regular lotions and...
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    Re: Please tell me this too shall pass!

    Baby wearing would help you nurse and move around. You may want to look up a local babywearing group (meetup is good) or ask your local LLL group for some hands-on help and suggestions.

    Have you...
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    Re: moms nursing older toddlers

    My daughter is almost 2.5. It looks like we are on the road to three. She still nurses...what? 10-12 times a day? I almost NEVER NIP anymore unless she's hurt super bad. I do still nurse her at my...
  17. Re: Breastfeeding baby Maggie - creased nipples, ouch!

    I am glad things are looking up. I was thinking of you. The silicone breast shields helped me heal a lot, too. I also second saline soaks. gentle hugs.
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    Re: So, which is best?

    3 oz for a pumping session isn't bad. Fairly average, actully. I used to average about 3 oz.
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    Re: Pump bustier

    I didn't have that brand. I just wore a regular nursing bra. Then when I pumped I put the pumping bustier over my nursing bra. I don't think you'd really want to wear it all the time. I just kept it...
  20. Re: Vegan Mom and Breastfeeding 7 mos old

    Chia seeds are related to the sage plant, but I haven't seen any supply reduction from eating them. :shrug I don't see why any of those things would be bad. I also don't think it's bad to eat a...
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    Re: BLS at DCP

    I tried to do BLS at home, however I sent purees to DCP. For me, I was worried that my daughter would choke and they may not pay as much attention to her as I would at home with all of my focus. The...
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    Re: Polyvitamin Drops?

    Maybe you would feel more comfortable with a new doctor? I found a good one that I liked based on the recommendations of some moms in my local LLL group. That might be a good way to find one you are...
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    Re: Introduce a Schedule?

    I always fed on demand when not at work - at night, weekends, days off. My daughter took her bottles at DCP on a schedule, but I always nursed on demand.
  24. Re: If starting formula becomes necessary

    I had a really hard time getting my daughter to accept a bottle, as well. I literally tried about 20 different kinds. I was so desperate. I finally figured out that she was refusing the silicone...
  25. Re: Solution for identifying spoiled breast milk?

    The only thing I have to add is that I have seen and had some milk go bad on me before. :puke Trust me. You'll KNOW if it's bad. It's pretty hardy stuff - amazingly so! Bad milk is just so, so, so,...
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