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  1. Re: Refusing breast, only eats when slee

    OK, well OALD does sound like the explanation. DH gave her a bottle tonight and she took it without fussing (although she does a lot of nipple chewing with bottles and pacis, always has). I think...
  2. Re: Refusing breast, only eats when slee

    Thank you for your reassurance.

    Can you have a fast letdown and not have an oversupply of milk? Because I rarely if ever feel engorged, have never seen milk stream from the breast when she pulls...
  3. Refusing breast, only eats when sleepy..

    My baby is 14 weeks old. She is gaining weight well, was 7 lbs at birth, 8 lbs 4 oz at 2 weeks, 11 lb 7 oz at 10 weeks, 13 lbs at 13 weeks. Breastfeeding came easily for us, but now it has turned...
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