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  1. Re: How do you get ready in the morning?

    Now that my DS is 6 month and sleeping all night. I pack the things I can at night. I get up at 5:30 shower and get dress except for my top (put on a old shirt) go pump the fullest breast pack pump...
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    won't take the bottle again!

    I work full-time and pump. I started back to work about four months ago we had problems with then our three month taking a bottle. After about a week she begin to take the bottle without a fight. ...
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    Breastflow Bottles ?

    Has anyone try the Breastflow bottles by "The First Years" I am having trouble getting my 8week old to take a bottle and I was reading some older posting and one talk about this bottle so I went to...
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    Re: 8 week old won't take a bottle

    right now I am using a fast flow nipple by Playtex; I was told that because I have some much milk and a fast let-down she's use to the milk coming out fast and that a slow nipple might cause her to...
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    8 week old won't take a bottle

    our eight week old won't take a bottle. I have try varies nipples(Nuk, Avent, Medela, Playtex and Smoothie) the only one that she will even allow us to put in her mouth is the Playtex and all she...
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