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    Re: Doing my research first.....

    First, thank all of you for all of your replies. The support is such a comfort.

    kelmareuby- I too plan to wait to until he can sit on his own :) He's good at grasping things and he can even pick...
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    Doing my research first.....


    My DS is going to be 5 months by the end of the week and I figured I should start researching how to introduce rice or cereal to him at the new year.

    He is ONLY breast fed and on a rare...
  3. Re: Pressure to "stretch out" feedings......

    I feel so much better about feeding my ds on demand now. i've been keeping up with it since you all have replied and the past couple of days have been so wonderful. my lo has been a little more needy...
  4. Re: Feeding in public is frustrating

    My DS is still pretty young but I have found that if we are in a place where there are alot of children he can get distracted... not so much in other places. I've only braved nursing completely in...
  5. Re: Pressure to "stretch out" feedings......

    :happytearsThank you ALL for the wonderful support, advice and links for other reading. I just might have to pass along that one for the AAP. I think she would respect that ;)

    In answer to those...
  6. Re: Help! Up all night nursing my 3 mo old! I want to stop nursing!

    OR try this....

    Layer about 3-4 pillows on top of one another to elevate yourself as though your in a hospital bed. lay baby on his tummy on your chest in between your breasts. Take another pillow...
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    Re: Has anyone seen this? PeTA

    insulting on every level. whoever thought of the idea and printing the article obviously didn't think it all the way thru.
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    Re: first tooth?

    My LO has been drooling and knawing on things for a couple of weeks now.... He's now 3 months. He get both fists in his little mouth and just knaws away. It's nuts :) I have to keep a bib on him all...
  9. Pressure to "stretch out" feedings......

    I was wondering what you guys thought about "stretching out" feedings. My bff tells me just about every time I see her that I should be stretching out my LO's feedings. That when he cries, I should...
  10. Re: Constant nursing - Im soooooo tired, please help!

    All such great suggestions!!!:clap

    Also, try covering yourself with baby's blanket while you nurse, that way your warmth and scent will be on the blanket. When you try to put baby down it will be...
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    Re: virgin gut/ gut flora

    -I saw you mentioned his is 15 weeks. Is he also drooling alot? Excessive drool (which is normal) can affect their tummy's.

    -As for the Polyvisol, you can always ask your Ped to do a blood test to...
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    Re: a few questions

    thank you!
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    Re: Fat content of pumped milk

    such a good question!
  14. Re: clever idea, if I do say so...

    thanks for the great idea! i'm gonna make one!
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    Re: What is this tingly feeling?

    i use the PIS also. it was recommended because i had latch on difficulty from one flat and one inverted. from pumping i now have two useful nipples and no longer use a shield when breastfeeding....
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    a few questions

    My LO is starting his 4th week today.

    sorry for no caps - baby just woke up and am typing one handed

    already this site has helped me overcome so many issues.
    We had latching trouble (we are...
  17. Re: new mom...so many questions! (LONG)

    i found lots of useful info here! thank you!!!!!
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    Re: need encouragement

    i just read the article you linked to along with all the others that took me to. thank you. I will pass the water info on to my mom.
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    Re: need encouragement

    moved my questions
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    need encouragement

    my baby is breastfed. sometimes my baby is gassy and i personally feel i should just burp him more frequently and also have been doing the colic massage the i found in another thread (works wonders!)...
  21. Re: need advice: leaky, sore nipples, engorgement, etc.

    I am so glad I found this and other articles om this issue. My little one is going on 4 weeks. My problem is engorgement of the right side only. It leaks all day. Today I did all feedings on the...
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