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  1. Re: I know I shouldn't do a "schedule" but can I start a routine?

    This is what happened with my son: First three months, he wanted to be on me all the time. No big deal, that's what newborns do. Then he started to like tummy time which meant he was on the floor...
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    Re: Need Help for future baby

    I second The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Also good is a book by Dr. Sears called The Breastfeeding Book.

    I didn't start to feel my let downs until my son was about three months old. Then one...
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    Re: No Wet Diaper???

    My son did this on his six month birthday. We spend three hours of that night in the ER because he'd gone 24 hours with not a single soaked diaper. Despite the lack of diapers, his eyes were...
  4. Re: Trying so hard not to give up completely

    Has anybody suggested cranial sacral therapy for your baby? Sometimes with a C/S or difficult vaginal birth, baby's head and neck get twisted in ways that make turning the head to one side or the...
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    Re: Inexperienced in the kitchen..

    Good Eats on the Food Network. It's on every night at six pm and nine pm. Also there's a cooking show on PBS, the name of which escapes me but is in a similar grain to Good Eats - not just recipes...
  6. Almost 8 months, not really starting solids yet

    So far nobody is pressuring me to start solids with my not so little guy (8 months next week, about 25 lbs). But we'll be seeing both sets of grandparents within the next month and I just KNOW the...
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    Re: Clogged Duct/Mastitis

    When I get a *bad* clog, I like to fill up a mixing bowl with warm water and salt and soak the affected side until the water goes cold. Then nurse, doing massage while my son nurses. It usually...
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    Re: Completely Overwhelmed

    Her weight sounds good to me! Especially since she's starting to smile, is happy, etc. Some babies are just tiny. Some babies just grow more slowly than others. A baby who truly has weight...
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    Re: Unprepared??

    I have a manual pump. It was very nice to have at first (oversupply, blech) but I rarely use it now (my son is 7.5 months).

    When you commit to nursing, some women find that babies flat out refuse...
  10. Re: Please help, so many issues but I don't want to give up!

    << She nurses for like 5 min, then falls asleep, then wakes up sometimes 45 min later to nurse again. >>

    As previous posters have noted, this is a perfectly normal nursing pattern for newborns. ...
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    Re: 6 month old prob's

    It's quite possible he's teething. Mine popped out two teeth between six and seven months and he was a cranky bugger for a good six weeks before they appeared. Try some baby Orajel about 30 minutes...
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    Re: Newborn weight loss concerns

    << My instinct tells me to stick with what works, but I am concerned about whether or not he will gain weight without a regular feeding schedule. As far as I can tell my milk is in just fine - both...
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    Re: Newborn weight loss concerns

    :hug:hug Momma, you ARE doing a great job!

    First, give yourself a pat on the back for having a pedi that is A) Not worried yet and B) Supportive of your nursing effort. To find both those...
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    Re: Failure to thrive???

    The packaging is Bob's Red Mill - I can always find it at Whole Foods although you might be able to find it at other groceries in the natural foods section. Also, you can order direct from Bob's Red...
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    Re: Failure to thrive???

    << 3. DD loves pancakes, but I guess we will start serving them with butter >>

    You can boost the nutritional value of pancakes with teff flour. Teff is high in protein, iron, amino acids, and a...
  16. Re: Breastfeeding and weight loss... what a joke!

    As a couple people mentioned, you need to eat enough calories while nursing to *allow* your body permission to lose weight. I know that doesn't make sense because of the usual way we think about...
  17. Re: Help! Baby hasn't gained weight back by two weeks

    Has anybody suggested oversupply or foremilk/hindmilk imbalance? Sometimes when you have too much milk, baby gains weight slowly because they get too much of the watery foremilk and not enough fatty...
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    Re: is she a grocery store?

    I keep a couple sturdy envelops in Chance's toy box. He loves to lie on his tummy and crinkle up paper. He likes plastic too. So I made a fabric block and stuffed it with plastic bags. He gets to...
  19. Re: At end of tether - need advice please

    I've heard several stories where baby improved remarkably with a couple visits to a chiro. YAY for happy, easy to nurse baby! ~~ Meri
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    Re: Only eating one side at a time

    The only time I nursed my now 6.5 month old on both boobs in one session was when the LC was watching us at the hospital. My son HATED that even at all of 18 hours old! He seemed to know that the...
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    Re: Ladies, I need help!

    Thanks ladies! I'm going to try the soak and compress method that kellymom recommends and see what happens. I nursed on the left side overnight so I wouldn't have to think as hard about correct...
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    Ladies, I need help!

    My son is six months old. We've successfully navigated multiple bouts of clogged ducts, a 24-hour episode of mastitis, and a couple of day long nursing strikes. I'm even figuring out how to deal...
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    Re: Scheduling/Feeding/Sleeping???

    I haven't read the other responses yet but I'm sure I don't need to say anything else about Babywise.

    I didn't have a schedule for my little one for his first three months. I fed him every time...
  24. Re: Is there a reason why I shouldn't eat peanut butter?

    It's cheap. But I only get to buy 18 oz/mo :( I love peanut butter and that small jar only lasts about two weeks.

    WIC doesn't allow organic peanut butter, unfortunately. I think organic...
  25. Re: Is there a reason why I shouldn't eat peanut butter?

    What I've been told is to avoid peanut butter and other nuts/nut products ONLY IF there is a family history of nut allergies. Otherwise, you can pretty much eat whatever you want while nursing. ~~...
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